Question & Answer: In typing your memo from Lei to Dalman, be sure to respond to the following: 1. How would creating a…

In typing your memo from Lei to Dalman, be sure to respond to the following: 1. How would creating a new coordinating position between the CEO and the location managers help the business to grow? 2. Is promoting an existing manager the best option to fill this position? If not, what is an alternative source to fill the position? 3. Who within the company should make these decisions? 4. List the levels of authority (management) that Sandwich Blitz, Inc. would have if the new position is created. Dalman and Lei have discussed two possible avenues to grow and expand Sandwich Blitz, Inc. One possible strategy would be to franchise locations. Another strategy would be to secure venture capital to finance an internal expansion by opening more company-owned shops

Expert Answer

1. location manager is the person who knows what exaclty happeneing in the ground levels. CEO is the person who leads the firm by sitting at the top level. he controls and monitors the total firm, what ever the decisions he takes will influence total firm. when the objectives and work procedure of these two people is same, both works for common goal, they touch each other. the new vacancy i created is the positon who acts as facilitator between these two positon.

2. i prefers to promote an existing person, and replace the person with a new one. as the new position is key, the one who is going to be take charge must know about the firm, the firm policies and work procedure. it helps all of these people to perform their work easily and simply.

3. the people who are second level or managerial level, they will make these kind of decisions. they have sound experiance, konwledge about process and can pick a right candidate to the vacancy.

4. level of authority will be like: CEO- managers- project leaders- team leaders- workers. usually this will be the flow of authority from top to bottom.

and the strategeis will be planned at top level by considering the objectives of lower level, and the ground level people to work on implementing the strategies.

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