Question & Answer: In approximately 250 words summarize your responses to the following questions…..

In approximately 250 words summarize your responses to the following questions: What unusual networks have you observed?How important are they?Any good suggestions, based on your personal experiences, on how to improve the quality of communication networks?
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Expert Answer

  • I have observed many formal and informal communication channels but one of the most different and unusual network that I have observed in the workplace is Zig-Zag i.e. star network.
  • In this type of network all employees interact with each other in no defined manner and in such a scenario the sanctity of the information is destroyed and often leads to conflicts and rumors. There is no specific way in which communication is done and information is exchanged in all possible directions. Having said that, this fact cannot be ignored that such communication freedom allows team to complete the work quickly and also it strengthens communication between team members and helps in building the team.
  • This type of communication network is although good for the employees but should be streamlined to a certain extent by creating some rules so as to ensure that we can do away with the ill effects of this type of random communication i.e. we can ensure there is no rumor or miscommunication happening in the premises etc.
  • Based in a personal experience I can say that above should be done as I have personally seen it at my workplace that although this channel helps in transmitting information quickly and easily but it involves a certain amount of risk regarding the sanctity and confidentiality of the information and hence this channel although is good but should be streamlined and made a little formal so that we can use this to optimum effect and credibility and hence the usage increases.

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