Question & Answer: In 350 words or more answer the questions below. How might the mission and vision of the organization affect…

In 350 words or more answer the questions below.

How might the mission and vision of the organization affect or guide you as an employee or manager in the company?

If the company does not have a mission or vision statement, what might be the effect of that?

Expert Answer

A Vision of an organization is a picture of what the firm wants to achieve, in broad terms. A Vision Statement is intended to capture heart and mind of employees and other stakeholders and is often formed by the founder. Often a Vision Statement is short and concise for ease of memorizing. The Mission of an organization is the business-specific proposition which helps the firms achieve the vision. A Mission Statement is more specific than vision and often formulated by the leaders or the top managers.

The Vision gives an idea of the overall character and motive of the organization for its existence. It helps the top managers to formulate the corporate, business, and functional strategies. It acts as a guideline for them so as to ensure that their strategic and tactical decisions are in line with a single goal and they are not nullifying each other’s effect by moving towards different directions.

The Mission, on the other hand, gives an employee or a manager, a purpose for his work and contribution. It has been seen by the researchers that people’s work lives are enriched greatly if they feel that their progress in work is meaningful and creating some differences. When people find meaning in the work, they also feel a sense of ownership. The work becomes something meaningful to them personally. When their work is meaningful to them, they are more committed, more intrinsically motivated, and more engaged with it producing great results. A well-articulated Mission statement helps the employees understand how their efforts are meaningful for the entire organization and its stakeholders.

However, framing out correct Vision and Mission statements is only the first stepping stone to let the employees understand and live its meaning. What is more important is perhaps the attitude of the leaders and their ability to ‘walk the talk’ in this regard.

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