Question & Answer: I modified the questions. Please answer each question seperately…..

I modified the questions.

Please answer each question seperately with detail. Also include an example of each, thanks.

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Question & Answer: I modified the questions. Please answer each question seperately…..
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1) What does market penetration assume? chap-6

2) Why is it important to sustain relationships with customers over time?

3) What are the ramifications of sales forecasts that are too high? Too low? Explain. chapt-5

Expert Answer

Ans – 1:

Market penetration assume the sales data acquired of a product or service of a market. It does assume the the number of customers that has bought the service or product of a company comppared to other.

Suppose that the x company has gathered sales data on the sale of thier newly launched product. 22% sales has been noted for the new cellphone for xyz company in europe market.

Ans – 2:

Customer loyalty can give the boost to the sales of the company. whenever the customer is loyal to the company he will surely purchase the new product or service introduced by the company. The loyal customers are hard to find the once they are loyal they will never leave the company no matter what happens . In order to acquire certain sales company need to keep and strong and strady relationship that will last long and give some fruitful result to company and customer both.

Ex: Iphones has the loyalty program for thier loyal customer and at regular interval they give them discount voucher to shop on appstore, this customer will buy new prodcut no matter what is cost.

Ans – 3:

Sales forecast which has been very much higher will have the excessive cost on production of product and the selling wont be that much as expected and that will bulk up the stock in storage units.

Wherever when the sales forecast are too low the product demand will be high and there will be shortage of the product as per the demand of customer.

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