Question & Answer: How would you describe yourself as a student (e.g. what are your academic interests and…..

How would you describe yourself as a student (e.g. what are your academic interests and habits)? What is your experience of academic writing? How would you define the genre of the essay? What are its constituent parts? What purpose(s) does it serve? What makes an essay effective or ineffective?

Expert Answer

I am a regular and passionate student who like to think out of box due to which I am able to work on projects and topics which are innovative and require extra mile to complete. But I don’t hesitate as it helps in learning new things also help me in challenging my limits and set new target for myself. I like writing, so English as a subject interest me a lot as it complements by passion of writing and also help in learning about different writing styles and developing my own style. I like to write essays, poems and short fiction stories as it helps my thoughts to fly as high as possible and mold them together into a creative out product.

I liked academic writing as I think it helped us in increasing our understanding about that subject as we can only write about something when we have sufficient knowledge for same. It also helped me improving my writing style as after every essay profession gave us his feedbacks and that helped me in making it better and finally improving my grades and skills together.

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Question & Answer: How would you describe yourself as a student (e.g. what are your academic interests and…..
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Genre is the way a paragraph or passage is written. In essay 4 genres are there

  • Description: – In this style essay is written as it it is defining or description about something. For example, if you are writing about a pen, then in descriptive you will explain about its shape, color, styles etc. which will describe it
  • Narration: – In this style essay is written as if someone is doing narration of a scene or a story and reader is your audience
  • Exposition: – In this style writer try to explain everything in details, so that reader can understand each and every details as deep as possible
  • Argumentation: – In this style essay is written argument, as if people are talking to each other and reader is seeing them live.

These constituent part help in defining the structure of an essay. It helps in building the base of the essay and then explaining same to reader in step by step process like in start it will give brief about the content and style. followed by details and in end conclusion of same.

An effective essay the the one which is framed in perfect style or structure. It is the one which explain the things in detail and then moving same step by step, so that reader will also be able to build his/her mind and finally will be able to develop complete picture in their mind. It should be free from spelling and grammar errors and also sufficient information should be provided in it , so that it will be able to complete it.

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