Question & Answer: How would you describe the culture of the (DOL)? What are the things that you…..

How would you describe the culture of the (DOL)? What are the things that you can point to in (DOL) that contribute to your conclusion? If you had the ability to change something, what would it be and why?

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Organizational culture is a common perception held by the organization’s members; a system of shared meaning. The culture of my Organization has always been very upon. It is a flat organization form of network that enables moe approachability across all the levels of Management thereby creating a congenial atmosphere to work in.

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Question & Answer: How would you describe the culture of the (DOL)? What are the things that you…..
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The Organization highly regards innovation as the key to success. Hence annually, it announces the winners of the innovative ideas that the Company adapted as suggested by its employees which in turn helped the Company to bring about some positive change in its overall performance. The risk-taking ability of the Company is moderate as it deals with the Financial services and hence firmly believes in following such principles and norms that helps in maximizing the wealth of the clients without aggressive approach of risk-taking.

The Organization also gives importance to the details as furnished by the employees. Details could be in terms of the employee’s activities towards a particular task or towards any information that can form a key to taking any critical decisions. It also emphasizes on the outcome orientation approach. More the desirable outcomes more are its incentives to the employees. Next, it believes in team building and cares for the well-being of the employees. Accordingly, it designs various schemes that could be availed by the employees for personal and professional development such as Library, cafeteria, Gymnasium, Health care clinic, Sports and other recreation zone, Nutritionist, Stationery and Gift center within the office, etc. All of this helps an employee to rejuvenate and perform better. It gives importance to timely training activities for the employees too. It also regards the ethical side of its business highly.

Hence, overall following are the things that I can point out to, in our organization that helps me conclude the above:

Culture of my Organization:

1.     Innovation and risk taking

2.     Attention to detail

3.     Outcome orientation

4.     People orientation

5.     Team orientation

6.     Stability

7.     Business Ethics

However, if I had the ability to change something, I would have made the Organization more conscious about the Spirituality aspect of the Organization which it lacks. Workplace spirituality is the recognition that people have an inner life that nourishes and is nourished by meaningful work that takes place in the context of the community. The reason to suggest the same is:

§ As a counterbalance to the pressures and stress of a turbulent pace of life and the lack of community many people feel and their increased need for involvement and connection.

§ Formalized religion hasn’t worked for many people.

§ Job demands have made the workplace dominant in many people’s lives, yet they continue to question the meaning of work.

§ The desire to integrate personal life values with one’s professional life.

§ An increasing number of people are finding that the pursuit of more material acquisitions leaves them unfulfilled.

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