Question & Answer: Here is a site that provides good advice on how to make informed decisions…..

Here is a site that provides good advice on how to make informed decisions: ( copy and paste the site into search engine)

When making a decision (such as accepting an offer of 20% wage increase to work with someone you do not like on Sundays) it helps to follow a process. Who can tell me the process you would follow? What tips and advice can we summarize from our discussion so far?

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Question & Answer: Here is a site that provides good advice on how to make informed decisions…..
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Expert Answer


Hi. The site you mentioned lists our a series of steps for decision-making. Instead of giving you a new set of steps, I will just elaborate the steps you need to follow for making a decision in the scenario you mentioned.

Before I get into the steps, let me clarify something. Before accepting any job opportunity you must introspect to find out whether you fit in with the work-environment of your prospective employer and whether the people you’ll be working with have the potential to enrich you as a professional and as a person.

Now coming to the wage issue, money is a commodity you can never have too much of. So it can be a powerful motivator in accepting a job even if you don’t like your employer. However, industry experience shows that, such jobs accepted on an impulse are usually short-lived.

Step-1: Pareto Analysis: In your present situation this is the most important step since it will guide all the other steps. This is also known as the 80/20 rule which in your case may mean that 80% of the benefits you reap from the new job will come from 20% of the efforts you put in to analyse the opprtunity. This step will help you analyse your exact problem with your prospective employer, how badly you need the job and whether you really need a change in jobs.

Step 2: Try to find out possible root causes for the problems you identified. It helps to do a rough RCA.

Step 3: Look for possible options outside. Who knows? Maybe you may end up finding a job that pays more and has a likeable employer.

Step 4: Analyse your options carefully using SWOT frameworks.

Step 5: Choose the most suitable option and try to convince yourself why it is the best and why you want to opt for this one and not the otners. I have found mirror exercises are quite helpful at this stage.

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