Question & Answer: Explain and Define the four types of maintenance in IT?…..

Explain and Define the four types of maintenance in IT?

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The four types of maintainance in IT are given below step y step with clear explanation
firstly i will give you the list of the four types of maintainance in IT
1.Corrective Maintenance
2.Adaptive Maintenance
3.Perfective Maintenance
4.Preventive Maintenance

1.Corrective Maintenance:

The explanation about the Corrective Maintenance is given step by step below:
1.Corrective maintenance refers to changes made to repair defects in the design, coding, or implementation of the system. Most corrective maintenance problems surface soon after installation.

2.When corrective maintenance problems surface, they are typically urgent and need to be resolved to continue normal business activities.

3.Corrective maintenance adds little or no value to an organization; it simply focuses on removing defects from an existing system without adding new functionality.

4.But, of all types of maintenance, corrective maintenance accounts for as much as 75% of total maintenance activity.

2.Adaptive Maintenance:

The explanation about the Adaptive Maintenance is given step by step below:

1.Adaptive maintenance involves making changes to an information system to evolve its functionality to changing business needs or to migrate to a different operating environment.

2.Adaptive maintenance adds enhancements to an operational system, such as new features, increased capability, or changes that improve efficiency or maintainability.

3.An adaptive maintenance project is like a mini-SDLC project, and that adaptive maintenance can be even more difficult than new systems development because the enhancements must work within the constraints of an existing system.

4.Adaptive maintenance is usually less urgent than corrective maintenance because business and technical changes typically occur over some period of time.

5.Adaptive maintenance is generally a small part of an organization’s maintenance effort, but does add Value to the organization.

3.Perfective Maintenance:

The explanation about the Perfective Maintenance is given step by step below:

1.Perfective maintenance involves making enhancements to improve processing performance, interface usability, or to add desired, but not necessarily required, system features.

2.The objective of perfective maintenance is to improve response time, system efficiency, reliability, or maintainability.

3.During system operation, changes in user activity or data pattern can cause a decline in efficiency, and perfective maintenance might be needed to restore performance.

4.Usually, the perfective maintenance work is initiated by the IT department, while the corrective and adaptive maintenance work is normally requested by users.

4.Preventive Maintenance:

The explanation about the Preventive Maintenance is given step by step below:

1.Preventive maintenance involves changes made to a system to reduce the chance of future system failure.

2.An example of preventive maintenance might be to increase the number of records that a system can process far beyond what is currently needed or to generalize how a system sends report information to a printer so that so that the system can adapt to changes in printer technology.

3.Preventive maintenance is less likely to occur as compared to corrective maintenance.

4.Finally note that over the life of a system, corrective maintenance is most likely to occur after system installation or after major system changes.

5.This means that adaptive, perfective, and preventive maintenance activities can lead to corrective maintenance activities if not carefully designed and implemented.

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