Question & Answer: Expain fault management and give detailed examples……

Expain fault management and give detailed examples.

(Maxine Robinson Fault Management chpt 12)

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Question & Answer: Expain fault management and give detailed examples……
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Answer) Fault Management is basically detecting and resolving various faults that occur in between the regular functioning of the system. Faults can occur due to technical reasons or due to humans’ carelessness as well. Dealing with the fault and solving the issue is very important as we have to bring the system into its normal state as soon as possible.A set of applications are designed especially to deal with such fault situations, which are known as fault management platforms.Fault Management can be of active type or passive type. Active type of fault management nasically deals with the faults through various monitoring devices which are used to keep track of the proper functioning of the systems by checking whether they are active and responding properly or not. Whereas Passive Fault Management takes place with the help of various alarms which are provided by the various devices whenever a fault like situation gets occured.

The example of the same can be seen in our normal working with the computers. Whenever an application stops responding in our computer than we see a dialogue box asking us to wait or to close the application. In this particular situation, the fault has been detected. The decision that we take comes under fault management when we choose to close the application.

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