Question & Answer: Essay Question: Communication is an integral component to project management…..

Essay Question: Communication is an integral component to project management, but your team at work is having problems, and your manager has noticed. The team cannot agree on several components of the communication plan, like what should be communicated and the frequency of the communication. To solve this problem, your manager has asked you to create a formal project communication plan. Make sure you include the following components:

Communication goals/approach

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Question & Answer: Essay Question: Communication is an integral component to project management…..
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Identification and description of all types of project stakeholders.

Communication methods

Listing of required communications (by project phase)

Expert Answer

Ans 1

(a) Introduction – The project management plan is a framework to manage different kind of communications taking place during project. It outlines the general information as to who will communicate, who will be the recipient of communication, What information will be delivered,How the message will be delivered, what will be the frequency of communication and the project stages at which these communication will take place.

(b) Objectives – The plan ensures that every relevant information is passed on to the appropriate audiences at appropriate time to include their participation and inputs for the project success. Through clear and timely communication, any concerns on the part of any party can be resolved, so as to keep the project on track. The commmunication plan aims to remove any gaps and maintains a consistency in communication.

(c) Stakeholders – The main stakeholders include Top leadership, project team, functional units,core team, project manager,vendors, suppliers, allies and partners and external stakeholders like Government, Environment agencies, Green tribunal, NGOs etc.who have interests in the project.

(d) Methods of communication – The main method for communication is through meetings, either in person or through virtual means using technology. Other methods include, sharepoint, mails, memos etc. depending upon importance of the event.

(e) Communication through project phase

1. Project Initiation phase – This is the first communication of the project that involves the top leadership of the company to brief them about the project and seek formal approval before the word go. The mode is usually through meeting.

2.Preparation of project charter – All stakeholders are involved in this communication with a purpose to make them aware about the project and gain the formal approval of everyone. This is done just before the start of the project through a meeting.

3.Project start off – All teams are briefed about their roles and responsibilities at the start of the project. They are communicated through meeting.

4. Status reports – The reports about the project progress are shared with all stakeholders and project teams through sharepoint or any convenient medium, at a frequency of two weeks.

5. Team meetings – These meetings include top management, functional teams, core team and entire project team that discuss different functions related to the progress of the project in seperate interactions that takes place usually every two weeks, and sometimes on weekly basis either through face to face or virtual meetings. Some informations can be passed on through sharepoint.

6. Project steering group meetings – These are conducted to inform and gain insights from the project steering committee regarding critical issues related to the project. The meetings are usually face to face or virtual, and often held monthly or quarterly as per the nature of the project.

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