Question & Answer: Do employees like rules at work…

Do employees like rules at work

Expert Answer

The rules and policies at workplaces are designed to assist the employees in doing their job on the basis of the corporate culture and corporate strategy. Sometimes, few rules, instead of assisting the employees, create barriers within themselves. Mostly, the employees do not like those rules. During framing or implementing any rule of policy, taking the suggestion of the employees is very important. In this way, the employees get to know the strategic importance of the rule and give their best suggestions to implement. Successful organizations create a culture of ownership and empowerment within its workforce to ensure that proactively the employees come with suggestions to modify policies and procedure in order to get best out of every policy. So in short, employees will like rules at the workplace when they understand the strategic importance of the rules and when they have been empowered to gauge the effectiveness of any rule and change it following the appropriate hierarchy.

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Question & Answer: Do employees like rules at work…
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