Question & Answer: Directions: Complete the following Team Charter Template. Be very specific and follow the…..

Directions: Complete the following Team Charter Template. Be very specific and follow the directions provided to complete each section.

Examples are provided below under each of the four (4) categories. Specifically state and/or determine what information would be appropriate under each category for YOU in relation to YOUR participation in YOUR assigned group. DO NOT use my examples as this document is the agreement YOU and YOUR group members intend to uphold throughout the class group activities.

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Question & Answer: Directions: Complete the following Team Charter Template. Be very specific and follow the…..
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1. Determine Learning Team Goals

(May include project assignment goals, group process goals, quality level goals, etc.)

e.g.: To work cohesively toward the completion of all team assignments.

Add learning team goals here (list 2)

2. Understand potential barriers to the achievement of these goals?

(May include cultural, communication, physical barriers, See textbook, page 12)

e.g.: Differing opinions and perspectives (perceptual)

List potential barriers your group might experience to the achievement of YOUR learning team goals (list 2)

3. Establish Ground Rules

(Include information related to meeting schedules, locations, attendance expectations, agenda, assignment completion, communication methods, etc. – Be specific!)

e.g.: Team members must maintain professionalism at all times, especially when using the email to communicate.

List your group’s ground rules (expectations) here (list 2)

4. Employ Conflict Management Techniques

(Consider what potential conflicts might arise among or between team members during this course? How will team members deal with these and other conflicts? Be specific!)

e.g.: Teams members will use Accommodation (considering importance of issues) and Authoritative Command (for impasse issues) Management techniques to resolve issues as well as employ effective listening techniques.

Expert Answer

1. Determine Learning Team Goals

a. Focus on getting the team self-aware about their set of strengths.

b. Engage the team in getting them used to technical skills.

2. Potential barriers that the team might have in learning new goals.

a. Communication barrier. There could be a breakdown of communication.The Team members might not show up at times of meetings.

b. Cultural Barrier: The team members are not able to understand the language barriers. There could be potential cultural barriers. There could be sensitivity issues, and team members might not understand the polite conversations.

3. Establish Ground Rules:

a. Team members must use specific requests, and words such as “Please”, “Thank You” in all pieces of communication. They need to demonstrate values of being polite, and collaborative even during times of crazy arguments.

b. Team members may read the agenda of the meeting prior to attending the meeting. They need to understand/assess the future plans–and keep those plans in check. They should have the soft skills, to ask questions after every meeting. They must raise hands–and focus on checking on any new idea. They must inquire with curiosity and intelligence.

4. Employ Conflict management techniques:

1. Collaborating: Focus on reaching out to users, who’ve shown disagreement. Engage in getting these users collaborate with other users. Making sure that each team member is on the same page. Getting team members to dive into effective collaboration techniques.

2. Compromising: For cases, wherein the teams feel the need to avoid collaboration, they need to compromise. For example–if a team leader asks teams to take up the additional project in a limited time, as it would help in improving the sales bottom line–they must engage in compromising with the extra demands of the team leader.

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