Question & Answer: * Develop a marketing Plan for Martin University ENACTUS Celebrity Golf Tournament. This tournament will be…

* Develop a marketing Plan for Martin University ENACTUS Celebrity Golf Tournament. This tournament will be hosting 500 individuals and a dinner that will follow up after the tournament to raise 10 million dollars that will be used to develop a Leadership Center at Martin University.* The marketing plan must involve the following 1. Executive summary of the organization 2. Description of the organization 3. Strategic plan or focus of the organization 4. Situation Analysis of the organization ( SWOT ANALYSIS) 5. Market and product focus of the organization ( 4 P’s- product, Price, Promotion, Placement) 6. Marketing program strategy and tactics. 7. Research and development and the operation put in place 8. Financial projections 9. The overall organization structure 10. Implementation plan 11. Evaluation and control.

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For making a good marketing plan for Martin University, initially we need to understand about the whole university,what is the university all about and how the university is running its modes ot rendy of the university and how they are going to function so lets view the below details

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Question & Answer: * Develop a marketing Plan for Martin University ENACTUS Celebrity Golf Tournament. This tournament will be…
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1) Description of the Organisation: Martin University is a 40 years old university started in the year 1970, it was strated by Boniface and Sister Jane, the main focus of starting university to provide a good education platform to the class of people who belong to very low income range or considered to be low minor or minority people to get education and get a good position in the system, the number of students ratio is increasing year on year and the standard limit of the student enrolling for the admission is 25 years.

Initially the campus was built in middle of the city and was having 5 professors and 35 students, wherein today the number of professors are 20 and right now the count of the professors are increased to 80 and the count of the students getting qualfied is increasing from the university day by day.

The courses which are provided in the university are bachelors and masters, which are very useful for the students to grow and achieve the career path

2) Executive Summary: Every university or the organisation have their own executive team who work and make the workplace a good environment to work.

As there are different departments which are to be taken care of hence there are different presidents for each department reporting to the President head of the university

Below is the list of Presidents who can be contacted for the betterment of the project

Dr.Eugene D. White- The head of Presidents

Dr Charlestta Smith Staley- Vice Presdent of Academics & Student Affairs

Micheal Moos- Vice President of Fiscal affairs

Dr Brian Steuerwald- Vice President Institutional Effectiveness

3) Strategic Plan or Focus of Organisation: Now considering the exact thing of the university it means directly we need to consider Vision, Mission and major focus of the organisation hence

Mission: The major mission of the university is to provide better learning and grow each student to be a good citizen with understanding the responsibilities, it might be traditional student or non traditional student, by providing a healthy and very supprotive environment

Vision: The vision of the university is to provide and help society in growing educationally with good leaders and upbringing the society with good moral values

Core Values: The major core values which the university belongs in is to be very much professional to provide the over all education in the systematic manner, To communicate in a proper manner to all, which should be thoughtful, appropriate and upto the mark and clever, To give respect to all as they are here to grab the gift of learning.

While preparing the marketing plan the major thing which needs to be considered is about what Martin university is good at so to prepare it SWOT( Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat) analysis is to be done

1) Strength: As the major Strength comparing with all the universities running over is the university supports the traditional and non-traditional class for getting educated, as the major part is the university is mainly targeting the lower minor and minority class to provide a better education to them and make them literate so they can stand with good manners and have a better way of making the environment healthy. The other major strength of the university its fees is compartively less than the other universities

2) Weakness: The major weakness of the university is to attract the power of attracting the students is less and the brand name of the university is not know as of much, the upper class students are not willing to take the admission because of less of facilities provided by the university to the students and for which they are working more and more to attract the students

3)Opportunities: The opportunities which the university has by providing different degrees which other universities dont have, it can start the courses which are part time and distance learning as well, which can attract the students more and the working people to take the courses and gain the knowledge, the university can also start night university for some of the lower class people which can make the working of the university and prosper, once the university starts earning then can provide more education to students and make them literate for the society and can make a mark in the society

4) Threats: In the education world there are many threats new universities which come into the picture as this has become a business, as it is upto the university how they function and what level of education they can provide to the students, what satisfaction level is provided by the university how the professors are their to provide the guidance to the students to gain the knowledge, the main thing which the university needs to work on is the market reputation which can make it to survive in the competition to provide education.

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