Question & Answer: Determine two aspects of global economic, demographic, and diversity trends that have…

 Determine two aspects of global economic, demographic, and diversity trends that have affected health care human resources management. Provide examples to support your rationale.

    Analyze key trends in health care, and determine two factors that cause these trends to affect human resource managers and employees. Provide specific examples to support your rationale.

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Question & Answer: Determine two aspects of global economic, demographic, and diversity trends that have…
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Expert Answer

manpower is one of the key resource to any industry or any firm to carry their core eactivities. when it comes to service sercor, particularly healthcare industry, people play a vital role in providing the services to clients. in this the employees work under pressure which is psychological in nature. they need to react with more patience, more matured and with more strategic way. people will lose their temper in some times, it leads them to become angry or anxity. both are danger to the people who works in healthcare system. they need to be stable in psychological way. and when it comes to the recruiters, it is more challange them to always maintains human capital in surplus. they should check the other requirements of the candidates along with their education credentials.

every business will effected with gloabal economic and demographic factors. for example recent Britan exit from Euro zone is gets more impact on many other nations. this has shown effect on many areas and on many firms without any doubt. and the other factor shown impact on these kind of issues is prices of crude oil. when it comes to demographic factors and the changes in these factors; the age groups of people and their working capacity. for example in some nations, aged people proportion has been increased. in that the people who can work and contribute n GDP will be lesser. and the culture they follows, all other aspects shows impact on all dimensions.

the above said issues shows impact on healthcare industry also. once the income levels to people is declined, the purchasing power of healthcare services will be declines. the revenues to the care porviders will be decline. the costs will remain constant, hence their profits will be vapour. then these firms can not be survive in market. when it comes to demographical factors like aged people increased, or education levels of people increased, it shown impact on healthcare indsutry in positive side. people are ready to spend amounts on healthcare issues when they have sufficient income levels. if they do not have financial support they can not spend amounts on healthcare issues.

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