Question & Answer: Describe a leader you respect and admire. How has this influential leader aided in sustaining innovation…

Describe a leader you respect and admire. How has this influential leader aided in sustaining innovation and structures within the leader’s organization? What personal qualities do you have in common with this leader? Provide specific examples.

Expert Answer

leaders do not come from another planet, or another place. they are just like us, born like us, grownup like us, but they way they think, act, react, expose themself is completely different when compares to a common man. they are stable in decision making, they are emotionally balanced, realistic thinkers, innovaters, takes initiation and at the times they serve for the nation or organization, and if requires they lead their people. all the characteristics i sited above are leadership skills. showing these skills towards a task or in an organization is called leadership.

one of the greatest leader i have seen in my life is my father. eventhough he is a small business man, he always follows innovative polocies, innovative practices, never fear to change, never fear of failure, thinks every problem is a chance grow and think in a different way. he do more speak less, always thinks and concern about the workers or followers. protecting his/her people aslo one of the desired chracteristic of leader.

the way he approach people is pleaseant, cool and touch the point which makes them happy. never comeback from his responsibilities, and what he speaks only he implement always. the way he maintains relations with his subordinates is great, the subordinates ready to serve their leader without any doubt. with all these reasons i chosen my father as my role model and i can say that in his area he is the most succesful leader.

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