Question & Answer: Define workforce diversity. List the types of diversity found in workplaces. (6 post…..

Define workforce diversity. List the types of diversity found in workplaces. (6 post with example )

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Question & Answer: Define workforce diversity. List the types of diversity found in workplaces. (6 post…..
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Similarities and differences among employees in terms of age, cultural background, physical abilities and disabilities, race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation.

6 types workforce diversity

Age – Older workers and younger

Gender -Male and Female

Race and ethnicity

Ability and Disability

Relegious beliefs and relegious practices

Team members from other socio economic backgrounds across different functional areas


1  focus on people with disabilities in India, where many people suffer from polio or other diseases because medicine was not available to treat them. Because of this, Deutsche Bank works with a non-governmental organization to train people with disabilities to work at the company.`

2 Todd Sears began his career as a Wall Street investment banker in an environment that was not accepting of homosexuality. He eventually found a position in a more welcoming environment, where he flourished and eventually went on to pursue his own firm in a new market: private banking focusing on LGBT clients.Sears’ statement is a testament to the changing forecast of D&I: “For me, it’s business first, and business as a vehicle to achieve scioeconomic and bacgrroundsocial justice and civil rights.”

3 Chemistry giant BASF employs a talent dashboard that allows leaders to gauge D&I progress by asking comprehensive questions about their thoughts on the hiring process and retention trends. This ensures that multiple voices are heard and encourages employees to voice their opinions. Strategies like this give a voice to employees who might not otherwise express their opinions.

4 Bayer a german chemical and pharmaceutical company It uses eLearning modules as a way of providing ongoing education to employees. This type of resource provides employees with consistent reminders of the company’s values and expectations.

5 According to a survey in 2004 IBM’s female executives has increased by 370 % from 1995 to 2004. Besides, the number of ethnic minority executives has increased by 233 % and the number of executives with disabilities increased by 300 % during the same time span. The reason for these remarkable increases can be found in IBM’s creation of eight task forces in 1995. Each of these task forces consisted of 15-20 members that were of the same constituency as the constituency that the task force was focusing on. The eight groups represented Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, white man, Native Americans, people with disabilities, women and gays/lesbians/bisexuals/transgender individuals. Thomas (2004) points out that the goals of the task forces were to find out what needs to be done for the particular constituency to feel welcome and valued at IBM and to explore strategies to maximize the particular constituency’s productivity.

6 In 1993, Denny’s faced two lawsuits for discrimination that accused Denny’s of repeated civil rights violations. Denny’s ended up settling the cases for $54 million. Denny’s losses from the lawsuits and its widespread negative publicity were significant and they resulted in major transformations within Denny’s. Firstly, beyond hiring a new CEO, the position of a chief diversity officer was created. Secondly, Denny’s implemented mandatory diversity training sessions for employees that mainly taught sensitivity for different cultures and how to empathize with costumers. Thirdly, Denny’s’ policy became not to tolerate any discrimination. In order to being able to identify and investigate any incident of discrimination, a toll-free number is posted in every restaurant. Additionally, Denny’s implemented strict discipline standards for dealing with employees who discriminate or repeatedly perform questionable actions.

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