Question & Answer: Databse class. I need an ERD diagram done on visio using crows feet notation of the following scenerio listed . Please answer the questions 1-3……

Databse class. I need an ERD diagram done on visio using crows feet notation of the following scenerio listed . Please answer the questions 1-3.

FARMS Scenario Fry Properties, Inc owns 3 boutique hotels located in Northern Utah. So far, the company has managed to keep guest reservations and accounting on the books using a manual spreadsheet system (see sample data below). However, the company would like to upgrade to a computerized database to keep better records and track reservation information for all their properties simultaneously. The new database will eventually be integrated into a new software package called The FARM (Frys Accommodation and Reservation Management) System. Eventually the owners would like to host the FARM on the cloud. and offer online reservations. The web site will let guests browse the hotel information (including ratings, amenities, and a single picture of the front of the hotel), view room information (type, descriptions and rates, and make (or edit or cancel a reservation from the web. Before they can do this, however, they need to move away from their old manual spreadsheet way of doing things Here is more information about Fry Properties business rules (which may or may not impact your data database storage design). Note some rules may have to be enforced with programming). Thats not your job. You are to focus on (scalable data storage needs by designing the best relational database possible. 4. Each hotel has various room types (like Single, Double, Suite, etc.) that all have the same rack rate (for a type within that particular hotel). A rack rate is the standard walk-in rate given to everyone for a particular room type, without any discounts. For example A rack rate for any double room (noting the same type of room throughout the same hotel costs the same) may be $69, depending on the check-in date (rack rates may be different during different times of year or date ranges). Smoking rooms always cost more than (the same type) of non-smoking rooms. Each room type has a general description and can have many specific room numbers assigned to a specific room type category in each hotel (for example, room numbers 101, 102, and 103 all may be double type rooms) at a particular hotel, but could be something different at another. Each room, regardless of type, will have a specific description (like this room overlooks the Wasatch Mountains a smoking or non-smoking designation (even if the type says smoking in its description), and a bed configuration (like 2 Queen Beds, or 1 King Bed), even if its assumed from its room type 5. All guests require a credit card to make a reservation and pay for their expenses (the company does not deal with cash transactions). A guest can keep many credit cards on file. A master reservation is associated with the credit card, not necessarily the guest, as a guest can use a company credit card to book the reservation

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