Question & Answer: Consider the file classroster shown in the last page of this exam. Now we need to write a awk script,exam.a…..

Consider the file classroster shown in the last page of this exam. Now we need to write a awk script,exam.awk, to perform the tasks in Part I above.

The breakdown of the problem is described below. Write your awk script according to those steps.

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Question & Answer: Consider the file classroster shown in the last page of this exam. Now we need to write a awk script,exam.a…..
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You will run the script from the command prompt with the following command:

$ awk –f exam.awk classroster

Pre-processing tasks

Insert the header line below in the output:

Student ID, Posting ID, First Name, Last Name, Units, Grade Basis, Program and Plan, Academic Level, ASURITE, Residency, Email

Set the field separator to the appropriate character

For each record,

Create a formatted file, called iclassroster, that looks as shown below:

Last Name : First Name : Student ID : Program and Plan : Academic Level : ASURITE

Use if … elseif … else construct to track the number of

Students in the class from IT program





Post-Bacc Undergraduate

Students from neither of the above listed academic levels

Create a new field called Email that is made of

Print the new record, which includes the new field


Display the total number of records

Display the number of students from IT Program

Display the number of Freshman

Display the number of Junior

Display the number of Sophomore

Display the number of Senior

Display the number of Post-Bacc Undergraduate

Display the number of Students from other academic levels

(Partial) Roster file

“1209480997”,”0997-464″,”Anthony”,”Alvarado”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology”,”Senior”,”aalvar33″,”Non-Resident”,

“1201390350”,”0350-574″,”Gibran”,”Alvarez”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology”,”Junior”,”galvare2″,”Resident”,

“1000746988”,”6988-522″,”Glen”,”Angus”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology”,”Junior”,”gangus”,”Non-Resident”,

“1207146326”,”6326-608″,”Cole”,”Ashby”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology”,”Senior”,”cashby”,”Non-Resident”,

“1000548822”,”8822-019″,”Allan”,”Bailey”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology”,”Senior”,”asu41981″,”Resident”,

“1208428789”,”8789-773″,”Rudy”,”Barron”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology”,”Junior”,”rrbarron”,”Non-Resident”,

“1208427112”,”7112-644″,”Jeffrey”,”Box”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology”,”Post-Bacc Undergraduate”,”jabox1″,”Non-Resident”,

“1206996878”,”6878-146″,”Nicholas”,”Burden”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology”,”Senior”,”nbburden”,”Non-Resident”,

“1200663364”,”3364-155″,”Kurtis”,”Camiliere”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology”,”Senior”,”kcamilie”,”Resident”,

“1000830925”,”0925-792″,”Michael”,”Camp”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology”,”Senior”,”mcamp1″,”Resident”,

“1000727027”,”7027-763″,”Robert”,”Carleton”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology”,”Junior”,”rcarleto”,”Resident”,

“1001460822”,”0822-945″,”Dustin”,”Cartwright”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Tech Entrepreneurship & Mgmt”,”Senior”,”dbcartwr”,”Resident”,

“1201860560”,”0560-486″,”John”,”Cook”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology”,”Senior”,”jrcook7″,”Resident”,

“1207331615”,”1615-810″,”Thomas”,”Debiasio”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Software Engineering”,”Post-Bacc Undergraduate”,”tdebiasi”,”Non-Resident”,

“1208487705”,”7705-285″,”Jason”,”Dixon”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Software Engineering”,”Junior”,”jadixon5″,”Non-Resident”,

“1207627963”,”7963-539″,”Jose”,”Fernandez”,”3″,”Standard”,”Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology”,”Post-Bacc Undergraduate”,”jlferna4″,”Non-Resident”

(Partial) classroster

1209480997,0997-464,Anthony,Alvarado,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Senior,aalvar33,Non-Resident,

1201390350,0350-574,Gibran,Alvarez,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Junior,galvare2,Resident,

1000746988,6988-522,Glen,Angus,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Junior,gangus,Non-Resident,

1207146326,6326-608,Cole,Ashby,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Senior,cashby,Non-Resident,

1000548822,8822-019,Allan,Bailey,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Senior,asu41981,Resident,

1208428789,8789-773,Rudy,Barron,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Junior,rrbarron,Non-Resident,

1208427112,7112-644,Jeffrey,Box,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Post-Bacc Undergraduate,jabox1,Non-Resident,

1206996878,6878-146,Nicholas,Burden,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Senior,nbburden,Non-Resident,

1200663364,3364-155,Kurtis,Camiliere,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Senior,kcamilie,Resident,

1000830925,0925-792,Michael,Camp,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Senior,mcamp1,Resident,

1000727027,7027-763,Robert,Carleton,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Junior,rcarleto,Resident,

1001460822,0822-945,Dustin,Cartwright,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Tech Entrepreneurship & Mgmt,Senior,dbcartwr,Resident,

1201860560,0560-486,John,Cook,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Senior,jrcook7,Resident,

1207331615,1615-810,Thomas,Debiasio,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Software Engineering,Post-Bacc Undergraduate,tdebiasi,Non-Resident,

1208487705,7705-285,Jason,Dixon,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Software Engineering,Junior,jadixon5,Non-Resident,

1207627963,7963-539,Jose,Fernandez,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Post-Bacc Undergraduate,jlferna4,Non-Resident,

1207103803,3803-346,Hunter,Hale,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Junior,hehale,Non-Resident,

1207033252,3252-936,Thane,Heisey,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Junior,theisey,Non-Resident,

1000527662,7662-261,Jeremy,Hoyle,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Junior,jhoyle,Resident,

1201654029,4029-669,Parker,Jardine,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Post-Bacc Undergraduate,pjardine,Resident,

1000745321,5321-390,Joshua,Johnson,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Junior,jrjohnso,Resident,

1207997618,7618-802,Chinmingnon,Kone,3,Standard,Ira A Fulton Engineering – Information Technology,Junior,cdkone,Non-Resident

Expert Answer


NOTE: Here is the script for your awk assignment. I have attached screenshot of the output as well. Please check and let me know if you find any issues/concerns. I will revert back within 24 hours.


Code output screenshot:

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