Question & Answer: Compare the benefits and dangers of using stretch targets, specifically addressing the pressur…..

Compare the benefits and dangers of using stretch targets, specifically addressing the pressure to engage in unethical practices.

Expert Answer


Stretch targets are the objectives set by the organization for their employees to achieve on the individual basis for the main objective of the organization to be successfully. Normally, stretch targets are unattainable and close to impossible to achieve. The successful attainment of these stretch targets require a totally different approach then the normal targets because of the difficulty in achievement. The impossibility of achievement of these targets in some manner motivate the employees to adopt an innovative and creative way of approaching any situation and routine work for better efficiency. The main objective of stretch targets are to increase the productivity of employees. For example, if the organization decides that the normal target for an employee should be 100 units then for better achievement the real target of an employee would be around 125 or even 150 units. Hence in the process of achieving the required 125 or 150 units the employees are expected to achieve the normal target of 100 units. However, in the process of achieving next to impossible targets the quality of the product or service produced can be compromised. Employees may turn to unethical practices for the attainment of their targets regardless of the quality of their productivity. Employees do this to get ahead of their peer competition within the organization. Following the correct procedure laid for any task would require a specific amount of time, hence in a specific period of time only a specific amount of productivity can be achieved. Employees trying to achieve more productivity within their working hours turn to unethical and incorrect procedures (short cuts) for achieving their respective targets. For keeping this in check, the organization should have proper protocols laid for any given task. However, it is impossible for any process to not have loopholes for the employees to exploit. Internal audits of the output produced should be conducted for the adherence of quality meausres and controls.

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