Question & Answer: Assignment 1: Business Memo FIRST DRAFT Rule: FCC proposes…..

   Assignment 1: Business Memo FIRST DRAFT


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Question & Answer: Assignment 1: Business Memo FIRST DRAFT Rule: FCC proposes…..
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FCC proposes rule to limit illegal robocalls <>

FCC published a proposed rule that would amend its existing rules implementing the Telephone Consumer Protection Act to allow providers to block calls in certain circumstances to prevent subscribers from receiving illegal robocalls. Providers would be allowed to block numbers at the request of a subscriber, calls from invalid numbers, and calls fr

You are an assistant in an investment firm who needs to relay important information about the rule and those industries that are covered by the rule.

For this assignment, you will need to summarize the proposed rule for your immediate supervisor. Additionally, you will send this memo as an attached document in a professional email written to that same supervisor. The memo will cover three important components:

♦ Rule Summary

♦ Description of the industries impacted

♦ Description of the actions that the rule will impose upon those impacted

The format of the memo may vary dependent on the parameters of your proposed rule. Usually agencies will have a one-paragraph summary of the rule. You will need to go beyond one paragraph for the executives of your investment firm, and produce a 1-1.5 page summary that leaves your supervisor with good understanding of all the main points of the structure and coverage of the regulation.

Audience: Upper Management, specifically your direct superior

Format: Business Memo


a.) Summary of the rule

b.) Summarize which industries are affected by the rule and what specific action they will need to take in order to comply with the rule. In other words, how will the industries have to change should the rule be implemented? Summarize the significance and/or magnitude of these impacts.

Length: 1-1.5pgs, single-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, bullet points when necessary

Expert Answer

The email that is to be written to your supervisor should be outlined in a formal note. The following pararaph can be used as a reference to write up your assignment.

Good Morning John,

As per your instructions I have reviewed the rule changes that FCC proposes and its immediate impact it will have on our organsiation. Please find attached the information in the form of a memo that you clearly stated you wantedme to draft out. I have included all relevant information pertaining to the rule change and the industries it will impact. Kindly review and let me know if any changes or clarification of any points are required before you head to the management meeting.

Thanking you/Sincerely…..

The actual memo can be outlined as your requirement on a word document using the format requied using the below paragraphs as reference.


To:XXX Company employees

From: Compliance departement or YYY department

Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Re: Proposed rule by FCC to limit illegal robocalls

This is to bring to your attention that Federal communications Commission,FCC has pushed forward its rule changes to limit illegal robocalls and will be implementing it starting from the 15th of next month i.e., dd/mm/yyyy. The reason that the chairman of FCC, Mr.Ajit Pai, has stated that the need for the rule changes in the existing Telephone consumer protection act (TAPA) arose because of the number of robocalls including spoofing and scam calls in the US that has increased drastically to 2.4 billion calls every month.On average every 1 of 10 US citizens are being scammed by fraudulent individuals posing as IRA officials.

The proposed rule and its impact are summarised below:

Reason for rule change:

  • The rule was prompted by the number of consumer complaints relating to recent phone scams often involving spoofed numbers.

Focus of the rule change:

  • The rule changes will bring in better focus on narrower enforcements objectives as actual scammers and fradulent callers will be aggressively targeted.
  • New-call blocking rule will include calls that are banned under TCPA, prevent fradulent calls by unmasking their actual number as well as unassigned number that was earlier non traceable.
  • The proposed rules will add additional attention and focus on spoofed and scam calls coming from overseas as well.The proposal of change may also bring in new called ID standards as well as no charge calling blocking services from existing providers.

Impact of the new rule change:

  • The rule changes will impact all voice service providers including wirless providers and VoIP providers.
  • The rule changes will also impact cellphone manufacturers and software companies

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