Question & Answer: Article Review: Find a recent Journal article that relate to motivating employees…..

Article Review:
Find a recent Journal article that relate to motivating employees. Write a 400 word minimum review of the article. The article must be from a Journal and not from a text book, Investopedia or other non research articles. In addition the article must be written within the past three years.

Expert Answer

The article that we will be talking about here is a piece of work that was appreciated by many in the recent past by gurus of employee handling and who have mastered this art. A lot of knowledge was gained by many by reading that article and it acted as a base for many researches that were done after publishing that article. The article touches the core and the most important aspects of work and touch pints that aims at motivating employees and creating a healthy environment at the workplace for employees.

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Question & Answer: Article Review: Find a recent Journal article that relate to motivating employees…..
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The article started by explain and throwing light on what exactly we mean by motivating employees, what objectives are considered that are to be achieved by employee satisfaction and motivation and what are the different ways and also the importance of employee motivation. As per the article, the importance of employee motivation and the need for doing the same for the company has tremendously increased in the recent past because of globalization, increased opportunities for employees to explore greener pastures.

Light was shed on many ways of motivating employees, how to categorize employees based on work, experience, designation etc. and what all standard methods should be used by the HRs to motivate employees. This fact was established in the article one single method cannot be considered as a standard method in motivating employees and attaining a side objective of less retention, the employees can be categorized into different sets based on their age, their issues, their concerns, their aspirations etc. and then each set can be treated differently by focusing on specific issues faced by those employees and thus eliminating the demotivation so to ensure that a healthy environment is created at the workplace and the desired business objectives can be achieved by the same set of employees and lastly the objectives are achieved within the budget as well.

The article concluded by accepting the fact that at times it becomes impossible to motivate all employees to work together and achieve the single common business goal but it is not impossible, we should focus on majority rather than wasting our efforts in improving those employees that have a very strong minded negative approach. All employees should be made aware of their roles and responsibilities, their issues should be taken into consideration and they should feel respected and wanted in the organization. Although it is tough to motivate all employees but it is certainly not impossible.

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