Question & Answer: Analysis the situation and provide feedback on you would have done to resolve…..

Analysis the situation and provide feedback on you would have done to resolve the issue at hand:

David Steward wasnt planning on getting a lot of attention when he put a Dilbert Cartton on the emplouee bulletin board at Catfish Bend Casino. He wasn’t sure anyone saw him do it at all, but sure enough, a surveillance camera was watching. Morale at Catfish Bend was pretty low when the company announced that the casino would be closing, and 170 workers would be laid off. Steward through the Dilbert cartoon would cheer the workers up. In the strip, Dilbert had the following exchange with a garbage man:

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Question & Answer: Analysis the situation and provide feedback on you would have done to resolve…..
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Dilbert: why does it seem as if most of the decisions in my workplave are made by drunken lemurs?

Garbage Man: Decisions are made by people who have time, not people who have talent.

Dilbert: Why are talented people so busy?

Garbage Man: They’re fixing the problems made by people who have time.

Managers checked the survillance tape, found that steward had posted the offensive cartoon, and fired him. Steve Morley, HR director at the casino, said that “upper management found the cartoon to be very offensive.” Morley went on to say “Basically, he was accusing the decision makers of being drunken lemurs. We consider that misconduct when you insult your employers.” Steward tried to claim that the firing was wrong, considering he had worked at the casino for 7 years without a problem, and that he deserved unemployment pay, but the casino disagreed. Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams tried to come to Steward’s aid. “Most dilbert comics font come right out and call management a bunch of drunken lemurs.” Adams said. “So I can see how this one might have been a tad over the line.” Adams also saif that Steward’s dismissal might be the first confirmed instance of a worker being fired for posting a Dilbert strip. Management refusted to pay jobless benefits. Steward appealed to an administrative law judge, claiming that putting the cartoon up was an error in judgement, not intentionally breaking any rules or being disrespectful. The judge ruled in Steward’s favor and awared him unemployment benefits. In the judge’s ruling. she stated that posting the comic was a “good-faith error in judgement” not intentional misbehavior,

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The good-faith error in judgment happens when an employee is diligent in his/ her work that is allotted by the management but makes an error in judgment and the mistake is not knowingly acted in a manner prejudicial to the employer. According to the case facts, Steward was not responsible for making the employees of the firm ‘cheerful’ by presenting cartoons. As a result, the question of diligence also does not arise. Therefore, it seems that he acted somewhat out of his capacity here. The cartoon can very well be taken as misconduct due to the defamatory tone and it will be a Libel as it was published in a printed material. But since this way the first time the employee has done this and considering the fact that his professional conduct has been unquestionable in these three years, the company could have closed this chapter warning Steward to not to repeat this in the future.

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