Question & Answer: An array is considered to be a ____……

An array is considered to be a ____.

A) basic data abstraction            B) structured data abstraction

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Question & Answer: An array is considered to be a ____……
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C) unit abstraction                      D) basic control abstraction

A variable in a programming language is considered to be a ____.

A) basic data abstraction         B) basic control abstraction

C) structured data abstraction   D) structured control abstraction

3) Variables are given names and data types using a _______.

A) declaration            B) function

C) structure              D) package

4) A(n) ____ takes source code as input and translates it into a program that is executable.

A) interpreter        B) compiler

C) linker              D) loader

5)____ is an important need satisfied by object-oriented programming.

A) Rapid prototyping       B) Program component dependence

C) Abstract data typing    D) Independence of software components

6) Restricting access to internal details of software components is known as ____.

A) abstraction              B) encapsulation

C) polymorphism        D) redefinition

7) A function is considered to be ____ if a compiler may replace the function call by the actual code for the function.

A) inline                    B) substitutable

C) redirectable            D) virtual least

Expert Answer


B)structured data abstraction

Means:simply Abstract Data Type and Data Structure.

Abstract Data Type: is a definition of new type, describes its properties and operations
Data Structure: It is an implementation of Abstract Data Type. Many Abstract Data Type can be implemented as the same Data Structure.

Example: Abstract Data Type:List
Data Structure:ArrayList, LinkedList, etc…

A)basic data abstraction

Means: Data abstraction over procedural abstraction is that the data and the associated operations get specified together and hence it is easy to modify the code when data changes.

Means: variable is an Identifier,whose values are changing during execution of the program.
Any variable in our program, such variables must be declared in beffore one line.
4) Ans:

Means: any source code converts to machine level code internally use compiler only
like, ByteCode Definition: Set of optmized instruction generated by java compiler during compilation phase. so internally compiler is working

5) Ans:
D) object-oriented programming

6) AnS:
B) Encapsulation
Mechanisms for restricting access to internal details have several names like Information-hiding Functionlaties.

7) Ans:
A) Inline

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