Question & Answer: After obtaining consultation on how to attract better candidates through advertisement in the print…

After obtaining consultation on how to attract better candidates through advertisement in the print media, there was an overwhelming response to the position of Marketing Manager which Tofi-Luk Sdn. Bhd, Company re-advertised recently. There were 35 applications for the position. Deluged by this good response, the Human Resource Department decided that this time they would proceed carefully to screen, shortlist, interview, test and select the candidates. The two Human Resource Executives manning the department discussed the issue at length but were quite unable to decide on the best course of action. Nevertheless they agreed that they should work together along the following plan: Prepare a short list of ten most suitable candidates based on experience, qualification and personality. They would conduct the first round of preliminary interview and then ask the company accountant to help out with the second round of interviews. This should then narrow the list to about five candidates whom the general manager could interview and decide on. Since they were unsure about psychometric evaluation and assessment centres, they decided that the three rounds of interview at various levels should enable the company to zero in on the right candidate. Discuss how would you proceeded with the selection process. Explain and justify each step taken. Analyze how important is the selection of newspaper or media for your advertisement.

Expert Answer

Q i and ii:

Since the selection is for the post of marketing manager, following approach would be used:

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Question & Answer: After obtaining consultation on how to attract better candidates through advertisement in the print…
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Step 1: Go through the resume of all 35 candidates and shortlist only those who fulfill the expectations for this role.

Justification: It is not wise to select only 10 candidates as this will lead to missing out of few other potential candidates. Hence all the candidates who satisfy the requirements should be shortlisted.

Step 2: Senior marketing manager will conduct the first round of interview of shortlisted candidates and shortlist 4-5 stong candidates for the next round.

Justification: Since the selection if for the post of marketing manager, company accountant taking interview is not the right approach. The interview should be taken by senior marketing manager assess the marketing skills, concept, expertise of the candidates and shortlist the right candidates for next round

Step3 : HR manager would conduct the HR interview of final 4-5 candidates and eliminate the candidate who is not fit for organization’s culture

Justification: Before selecting the candidate, it is crucial to check his/her fitment to the organization’s culture to ensure that candidate would be get absorbed smoothly into the organization and candidate’s addition to organization’s workforce would not result into any conflict, tension etc. Hence HR manager should eliminate all those candidates who are unfit for the culture of organization and only forward shortlisted candidates for final round.

Step 4: Marketing department head would conduct the final round of interview on final shortlisted candidates to select the most deserving one candidate for the post of marketing manager.

Justification: A senior person of the department can make the right evaluation of the deserving candidate as process of selecting the one candidates from the pool of best candidates becomes more complex. Senior person can also use subjective evaluation based on his experience to judge the candidates and select the right one.

Q iii.

Purpose of recruitment is to find and select the right candidate to perform the job. hence it is important to reach out to right set of candidates for the selection process. Hence while selecting the media or newspaper, company should consider the factor of media penetration and who consumes the media or newspaper. If the media or newspaper used for job opening advertisement is not consumed by the right set of candidates (eg. marketing professionals in this case) then company would end up spending more but not getting right candidates to interview.

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