Question & Answer: a. What are personality types? b. What would you say describes your personality type?…

a. What are personality types?

b. What would you say describes your personality type?

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Question & Answer: a. What are personality types? b. What would you say describes your personality type?…
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c. What is your favorite method of communicating with others?

d. Pick a different personality type other than yours and develop a strategy for how you would communicate with a person of that type.

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Personality type defines as the classification of different type of individuals based on their personality.

There are 16 personality types:

  1. ISTJ- The Duty fulfiller: Hard working, well organised. responsible, dependable, supports and promotes establishments, quiet and serious, peace lover.
  2. ISTP- The Mechanic: Quiet, reserved, interested in the mechanics of the work, uncomplicated, shows loyality, analytic, detached, very good at solving problems
  3. ISFJ- The Nurturer: dependable, kind, puts the needs of others above their own, quiet, stable, values traditions,practical, very good at observations, has a sense of space.
  4. ISFP-The Artist: serious, sensitive, does not like conflicts, quiet, faithful, has good senses, loyal, has an appreciation for beauty, open minded, flexible, original and also creative.
  5. INFJ- The Protector: tend to be stubborn about completing the task, idealistic, intuitive, concerned with their feelings, inclined for doing the right thing, has good value systems.
  6. INFP- The Idealist: Idealist, reflective, quiet, can sense possibilities, could be talented writers, laid back, adaptable, extremely loyal.
  7. INTJ- The Scientist: Long Range thinkers, Independent, analytic, original, has a high value knowledge, driven personalities.
  8. INTP- The Thinker: logical minds, creative, hard to know them, very excited about new ideas, clear understanding, individualistic, no interest in following others.
  9. ESTP- The Doer: Action oriented, adaptable, friendly, impatient, risk takers, extremely loyal, respectful towards law and rules, has very good people skills.
  10. ESTJ- The Guardian: organized, parctical, traditional, clear vision of what they want to do, good citizens, like to be the one in charge.
  11. ESFP-The Performer: fun loving, people oriented, loves new experiences, lives in the moment, likes to be the center of attraction, practical in approach and has common sense
  12. ESFJ-The Care giver: kind, concious, warm hearted, willing to put the needs of other people above theirs, high regards for traditions, very much interested in serving other people, has a sense of space.
  13. ENFP-The Inspirer: Idealistic, enthusiastic, very good people skills, lives life on their own terms, open minded, flexible.
  14. ENFJ- The Giver: sensitive , popular, focused, concerned on what others think and feel, doesnt like being alone, effective in managing people. good at group discussion,
  15. ENTP- The Visionary: resourceful, creative, quick with their minds, gets excited when new ideas or projects come up, out spoken, asssertives, has great understanding towards concepts
  16. ENTJ- The Executive: out spoken, assertive, driven, excellent organizational skills, has solid solutions, intelligent, well informed, very good public speakers.


I would say the personality type ISFP- The Artist would be my type, as i have well desired interest for creative things and would like to form innovative ideas. I am openminded and also flexible.


My favorite method of communication would be face to face communication. this is one medium where we get the unedited version of the person right from the person themselves. we can observe the facial expressions, voice modulations and also their body language.


If i get into an conversation with ISFJ – The Nurturer, then i would be calm and composed around them as they seem to be more sensitive towards situations. this personality type is more towards creativity. This personality trait would bring out the creative side of other personalitytypes too.

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