Question & Answer: A. Describe yourself using any four (4) of the segmentation characteristics discussed. This…..

A. Describe yourself using any four (4) of the segmentation characteristics discussed. This should result in a picture of you as a consumer that a marketer might use to see if you would fit their target market.

B. If a marketer were to try to reach you, what channels or methods of promotion would you suggest they use? Conversely, what types of promotion do you anticipate would not be successful in reaching you?

Expert Answer

1) The four segmentation characteristics that picture me as a right customer / target market are –

  1. When you have personalized solutions for your customers
  2. Affordable cost – It need not be low cost, but it should be affordable. Not all customers cannot pay for high cost luxury products. I cannot atleast. If the product damages, i should be in a position to bring similar piece for myself immediately.
  3. Good quality – Quality need not be extraordinary, but it should atleast be good and serve my purpose in a right way.
  4. When the product is Accessible – I cannot keep running for my favorite product everywhere when i need it. It shhould be accessible everywhere.

All the above four characteristics fit my choice, and most of the consumers choice.

2) If a marketer tries to reach me, they can reach me over phone. Most of the customers have their mobile phones with them all the time. Promotions on mobile is the best way to reach the customer.

Apart from that, a marketer can also reach me through an E-mail. I dont see all the emails in my mailbox, unless the subject is very attractive. So, keeping attractive subject may help.

Lastly, send a letter to my home in my name. I shall definitely open it and check. Most of them even respond to flyers or pamphlets when they are thrown at home. Even that will help.

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