Question & Answer: (1a) Self-awareness is a key component and necessity for successful management of oneself and others….

(1a) Self-awareness is a key component and necessity for successful management of oneself and others. The five key areas of self-awareness are important predictors of effective managerial performance.

Please answer to all of the following prompts: This is needed answered like ASP!!!

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Question & Answer: (1a) Self-awareness is a key component and necessity for successful management of oneself and others….
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The five most critical areas of self-awareness are emotional intelligence, personal values, cognitive style, orientation toward change, and core self-evaluation.

1. First, describe each of these areas and discuss why they are important to self-awareness and effective managerial performance.

2. Then discuss which areas you believe you excel in and which areas you feel you need to improve upon.

3. Lastly, what action steps can you take to improve in the areas you feel you are weakest?

These questions are needed answered like ASP!!!

Expert Answer

To describe the critical areas of self-awareness. They are…

  1. Emotional intelligence is the ability to be well aware of, to monitor and control, to be expressive of self-emotions and to manage the relationship with others in a more empathetic and justifiable manner.
  2. Personal values refer to various beliefs, underlying principles or pattern that are highly significant for an individual in their life. What we go by and believe in and the one that creates meaning to our life is value.
  3. Cognitive styles mean a particular chosen method or process that an individual gathers and perceive the data or information. Instead of the differences in an individual’s capability that explain their high potential and performance, the style refers to an individual’s type of thinking and orientation towards solving the problem.
  4. Core Self-Evaluation is related to analyzing the individual’s own progress in their performance without unconscious bias, plan towards learning and developmental needs and decide what has changed and the areas to improve. This self-evaluation process usually happens in a comparative mode of how it was before and how it is now etc.,
  5. Orientation towards change is an individual’s level of resistance towards staying in their comfort zone and not moving to the next level or accept the change which is inevitable in any organizations.

All these 5 areas are extremely critical to self-awareness and required for high level of managerial performance because, one must be able to manage self first before they could manage others. Amongst all aspects of management, people management is found to be one of the toughest and need niche skills for the same. For a person to be a successful people manager, he/she must have the high level of their own emotional intelligence levels, their core values and they must evaluate themselves with the high level of integrity rather than someone else pointing out at them.

2. The area that am good at is core self-evaluation about my self. I don’t need anyone to point out my areas of strengths and weakness. I know what I know and I know what I don’t know. This is one of my natural strength in knowing what I know and don’t know. By this way, I’ll be able to better position myself in the areas that I can focus without help or support and the areas that I need the support of others. It helps me in managing time effectively and responding to situations in a timely manner. I need to improve upon in my orientation towards change.

3. I need to improve up on my orientation towards change. I’ve had greater difficulties overcoming the change in my personal and professional situations. Actionable Steps that I would take to get oriented to change are as follows…

  • Understanding & believing in the political, economical conditions on why this change is happening
  • Who are the key stakeholders or influencers of this change?
  • Reasons why am I resistance this change
  • What are the barriers from my end to accept this change?
  • What are the other alternative options that are available for me
  • How to engage positivity and avoid negativity.

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