Question & Answer: 1. What does a population focus take, in terms of planning, consensus, building, and resources…..

1. What does a population focus take, in terms of planning, consensus, building, and resources for implementation? In the case of auto safety belts? Heart attack prevention?

2. Relate to question 1 and answer: Why can’t public health do more to achieve its goals? Name some of the political, legal, and resource challenges. Make sure to address the question, provide examples, and support your statements. Use of outside resources is encouraged.

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Question & Answer: 1. What does a population focus take, in terms of planning, consensus, building, and resources…..
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First things first, we need to plan in arranging safety belts for all the three wheelers and four wheeler vehicles. Now a days many of the accidents are taking place because of the increased in the number of autos at the city and also because of peak traffic.So as a citizen of the city ,we are planning to arrange auto belts for auto drivers to safeguard the lives of auto drivers.


Consensus means an opinion of an individual that is shared with all the group members. It can also be an agreement or consent between two individuals or group to achieve or to implement something
Now as per the case, the plan of arranging seat belts for auto drivers need to discuss with the group to know their ideas,pros and cons to implement. If the concept is agreed by everyone then we can get it approved to implement the same in order to safeguard the lives of the people.


The concept can be implemented only when its have approval from the government for the sake of the people, and for the safety of citizens. It can be easily approved and now we need to gather the resources required to implement the concept. Here by providing the preferences to the companies,we can sell the products in the markets but many of the companies do not implement in real life.So making the concept mandatory can be possible only through the help of government. So lets work hard for the welfare of the citizens by implementing the concept of usage of safety belts for auto drivers.


Heart attack is one of the major and mostly attacked health problem in all of the cities for all kinds of ages.Heart attack are attacking the people because of high cholesterol,pollution,smoking,drinking etc. Many healthcare centers are trying to mitigate this issue but it is really difficult to assess, when would it attack and the consequences would be grave, and can sometimes lead to death as well.

PLANNING: Many of the medical centers are planning to prevent the heart attack from the public by finding some remedies and measures to implement by the citizens to prevent the heart attack.Those preventive measures can be helpful to safeguard the lives of the citizens.So now we need to publish the remedies to all of the citizens for safeguarding the lives.


Creating awareness about the remedies and preventive measures at the public helps to safeguard the lives of the people and building the resources and proper plans to create awareness in the public will be more helpful and many of the medical centers are working on preventing the heart attack from many of the years and also found some of the measures like eliminate smoking,Eliminate having cholesterol food and etc but they have failed previously because of lack of awareness in the public ,now we can do this by consensus to safeguard the lives from heart attacks

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