Question 111 The rationale underpinning all PR system is to purposely decrease Essay

Question 11.1. The rationale underpinning all PR system is to purposely decrease the large difference between a party’s share of the national vote and its share of the parliamentary seats. 1.2. South Africa’s PR system is straightforward, comprehensive and tends to urge political party’s to work together. A closed-list proportional representation system is the electoral system that SA follows, and every five years a general election is held. The number of votes received by a party determines how many seats the party will be allocated.

The Droop Quota method is used in SA. The number of times a party meets a full quota will determine the party’s amount of seats.1.3. First Past the Post (FPTP) electoral system was used in South Africa prior to 1994. Voters use a ballot to show which candidate they have voted for. Once all voters have cast their votes then, all valid votes are counted, and the candidate with the most votes wins. 1.4. Canada, India and United States of America.

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Question 111 The rationale underpinning all PR system is to purposely decrease Essay
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1.5. Reasons why PR is in general praised: – Apathy may be reduced as a result of PR – People’s preference are taken into account which results in less wasted votes. – Minority parties and independent candidates are more equally. – Decisions made by the government is trusted by the population, since they they are all involved in policy making. – When decisions are taken the PR ensures that the demographics of the population is represented.1.6. Disadvantages of PR: – No party is likely receive a majority therefore a strong and stable government can be undermined. – Extremist parties are able to gain seat more easily. – Due to the different parties each trying to get their own way which results in a weak and indecisive coalition government. – Voters need to have sufficient knowledge of the the candidates or parties which could put them off. – The link between elected candidates and their constituency are weakened.Question 2ANC Manifesto To encourage development and growth so that everyone can get employment, the economy will be transformed to serve all people.To ensure that social transformation is vastly improved so that citizens can live and work in safe areas with functioning transportation systems.To ensure that leadership is ethical by fighting against corruption.To ensure that there are new and improved ways to interact with people and satisfy the country’s needs.To ensure that nation-building and social cohesion is improved by fighting against sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.DA Manifesto To ensure that houses available in urban areas are affordable.To ensure that there are units which are specialized for drugs and gangs.To ensure that refugees and asylum seekers are assisted.To ensure that the acceptance of bribes in SAPS are eradicated.To ensure that urban landform is speed up.IFP Manifesto To ensure that children will get free, good education from a young age along with developing high-tech classrooms from further learning.The death sentence debate should be re-opened. Criminals will serve longer sentences and do hard labour.To have an inclusive economy by supporting small businesses and encouraging entrepreneurship A gender equality module will be introduced in schools. There will be a wage raise for Banyana Banyana our women’s international football team and they will be promoted further.All people who are involved in captive bred lion hunting will be criminalized and sent to jail.EFF Manifesto Every student in South Africa will be provided with a laptop by 2024. The use of technology will be further used in teaching methods by 2023.Robotics and coding will be introduced into all schools curriculum by 2023.The use of technology will be integrated into all fields of study to promote a higher form of learning by 2022.Problem solving will be integrated into every part of the school curriculum by 2024.Question 3Purpose of the IECThe Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa is the the election management body of the country. They are responsible for making sure that elections are free and fair. The IEC is not controlled by the government, even though they are accountable to parliament and publicly funded.Obligations of the IECThe IEC’s obligations include managing elections of the national, provincial and local political bodies. It aims to ensure that elections are fairly held. They have to publicize the results for the national, provincial and local elections. They have to organize and maintain a voters’ record.The IEC’s DutiesA register of parties must be made and maintained by the IEC. They have to commit themselves to and encourage research into electoral affairs. The development of electoral expertise and technology in all spheres of government is encouraged and developed by them. They make recommendations of electoral laws as well as constantly reviewing electoral laws and proposed electoral laws. The IEC’s duty is to ensure that the elections are They promote voter knowledge. They have to publicize the results for the national, provincial and local elections within 7 days of the elections. To be able conduct elections when necessary, they designate suitable public administrations in any sphere of government.The Rules of The Electoral Code of ConductParties and candidates must: Political violence and threats against other parties should be spoken out against. If there is a planned march or rally, the authorities should be notified. Planned political events should be discussed with other parties. The Electoral Commission’s authority should be recognized. Corporate with the electoral commission structures so that they can perform their duties. Investigation of election crime and violence should be performed by the police with your assistance. Accept the result of the election or challenge the result in court.This article is about the DA political party using the name Mandela in one of their election posters. This article heavily criticizes the DA and how they abused Mandela’s name. In my opinion this article was unprofessional as the writer is clearly against the DA therefore putting them down publicly and promoting the ANC. This article is based more on opinion than of facts.The article is about the ANC and the how well it is being run under the new president. The article is unprofessional as it only highlights the good things about the ANC without mentioning any of the bad things. This article is based more on opinion than of facts.This article is about the South Africa citizens that are living overseas and are going to vote for the upcoming elections. This article is fair, ethical and professional as it is telling pure facts.

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