Quentin Tarantino Essay

Quentin Tarantino is a talented star in many field of work which has made him a prominent person in the world. He is one of the people who have a lot experience in movie production, director of movies, not to mention screenwriter and also he is a television actor. He is a person who joined the Hollywood stars at a very young age and he was actually a promising actor. Through his life he grew loving the movies and the passion for movies was just in him.

At the age of late 20’s he was able to come up with the two movies which were the true romance and the natural born killers (Peary, p. 79). His scripts were basically based on fiction. During this time he was able to win some of the awards for being one of the best with original director of screen plays. He was born in Knoxville and he was the only child and later they moved to California where he developed the passion for the movies at this very tender age.

Quentin was this person who could only prefer to watch movies instead of him doing a lot in books but that was where his passion laid. According to the life of Quentin and his movies he was so committed mo movies and the way he was to cast the movies (Peary, p. 105).
In the early stages of his life he had produced so many movies that he was able to get so many awards including the academy awards, he was able to move from the position of screen plays and he was able to join the production company that he was going to get a lot of funds from scrip writing, as an actor and also as a producer because he was a character who was so talented. He was an actor who was so inspirational in his works and he also came to be one of the Hollywood figures for their good work he was doing in the film industry. He was an actor who was very creative in his works by what he was doing in the industry. He was also doing some fiction movies which had a lot of the best actors like the John Travolta and also some of the story line which Bruce Willis who is a boxer was involved (Bernard, p. 57). In all the works done by Quentin in his carrier there were so many people who were always talking bad about the well going carrier and he was criticized due to his progress. Some of the critics include that he was a very high tempered person. According to the public he was a temper person but he disagreed with what people said about him. It is context that he slapped one of the producers for no good reason which made him be referred as a tempered person. He has even tackled Jackie brown who was smuggling money for the arms for stewards (Bernard, p. 98).
A time came which was going to be one of his defining moments in life when he was to take a break from the filmmaking which showed a character in him. In most of the movies that he was acting or played a role or the other, emerged so many critics that were so devastating to his life. He was referred as a person who was acting trash for the play which was referred to as the blind woman. At this time it was when he was going to stop the industry due to the many critics which revolved around him but they were all malicious. Despite all of these critics he was a prominent person in the film industry. He had played a very vital role in the World War II where he was an doing the screen play where it was going to be one of the biggest script to have been written. It was so hard to explain the story behind the world war scripts because there was not a good theme for the way the war was ending (Bernard, p. 123). It was a good move for him to be among the actors who were to play the role in the scrip writing for the world war movie. According to Tarantino he used the Hollywood avenue to sell the smaller film makers an opportunity to show case what they were made of and the character they had in the role of film making.
It is evident that according to the interview that Tarantino hard, implied that he was a person that who was interested in developing the upcoming producers in the film industry. He was even going to his motherland country and he could educate the actors that were developing. We see Tarantino is a very arrogant person in the way he used to take his film work and also the production of films. He used to deny working with some of the people in the industry. It is evident that he refused to direct the movie that was to be done by James Bond and instead he went along to direct the movie for Casino Royale (Tarantino, p. 5).
It is context that Tarantino was basically based on the aspect of American military history in which he based his content prior to the world war where the Americans were the superior in the war. This is also the reason that that Tarantino was able to move Italy to America so as to be able meet the fil industry expectations and also to develop his career as a film producer, director and also as play writer. Tarantino was a person who seemed to be very smart in the way he used to do his work. He is much focused on the type of work he is doing and at the same time he is very determined to excel in his work. According to his personal life he is also linked to American actor who is known as Mira Sorvino, Sofia Coppola among many. This shows that he is a very romantic actor in his movies and also he is really a believer that he has confessed of not even having a child before he is at the age of 60 showing that he is a very principal person in the way he is determined in his beliefs. He is also criticized about his religious status but he believes in divine inspiration (Tarantino, p.89).
Tarantino story line is advocated with very many level of production where the trade mark of his movies is blood, violence and color action within the movie. This is what makes Tarantino to be valued in the film industry. His punch line is the icon which he advocates to his movies worldwide so as he can be able to have the big fan base. He also insists that his style of acting is very unique compared to other movies due to his humor. He always makes his audience have the willing to watch his movie where he is now on the journey to use animated style of acting which is being manipulated by the growing generation of new actors (Pulp, p. 90).
He also have the use of racial ethical way of describing races like calling the black people nigga which was good way of addressing the different characters in the movie. He is very passionate about the black people who are very good in any of the movies which are directed and produced by Tarantino (Pulp, p. 145). What makes Tarantino be the best and exceptional in in the industry is the humor and also the way he incorporates the violence in the same the films.

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