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Cuppa For CANSA is an opportunity to socialize with those you care about and to raise funds for a worthy cause at the same time. CANSA is utterly committed to connecting those fighting cancer with information, daily aid as well as emotional support they need in the communities where they stay. Their main aim is to ensure that cancer Survivors and their loved ones don’t have to face cancer by themselves; they are here to support them through every hurdle of their cancer journey.

(Debbie 2019)

1.1 a)Why is planning so important?

Planning helps an organization meet their achievements or goals. The process begins with evaluating the present operations of the business, and then finding out what needs to be improved in the following year. Without planning no organization in this planet would be able to survive ,sustain itself or be successful. (Akrani 2012)

Planning is the first and most important step any organization. It is very critical as it helps you project if number one you can be able to afford to do what you would like to do.

Secondly ,its critical as it helps you envision the results the organization wants to achieve. Thirdly ,it makes you more organized as you are then able to ensure that nothing important is left out, making sure that your organization becomes successful.

According to Akrani (2012), All organizations large and small ,have limited resources. The planning process provides the information top management needs to make effective decisions about how to allocate the resources accordingly ,in a way that would allow the organization to reach its objectives. Productivity of workers increase as resources are not wasted on projects with little chance of success.

Planning promotes team building and a spirit of “working together”. When the plan is completed and told to the members of the organization. Everyone knows what their responsibilities are and exactly what they need to do. They can see how their input ,contributes to the success of the organization as a whole by Akrani (2012).

Akrani (2012), states that “Planning helps organizations get a realistic view of their current strengths and weaknesses relative to major competitors. The management can identify areas where their competitors are vulnerable and then crafts marketing strategies to take advantage of these weaknesses”.

b)My Detailed pr plan

“Get active for CANSA”

Step one: Define the situation

Past records: In past years it shows that Cuppa for CANSA season is from June to October. CANSA invites people to host an event.

Research: I found out that people enjoyed themselves at previous Cuppa for CANSA events. The stories told by cancer survivors help inspire and give hope to existing cancer patients. They help save lives by demonstrating how to fight back during a cancer journey.

Strengths: Cuppa for CANSA is a big organization and our event will be successful as people love saving the lives of cancer students through the events that Cuppa for CANSA holds.

Weaknesses: Running your own Cuppa for CANSA event can be very expensive.

Opportunities:To see how much we can raise from the event in order to use that money to give back to Cancer patients or people struggling with cancer.

Threats: Bad weather could ruin the Cuppa for CANSA ,as the event will be outdoors and during the day.

Step two: Setting the objective

Information objectives: To inform people about the many ways one can fight back during a cancer journey.

And to also prove that cancer can be conquered if you don’t give up and keep fighting it.

Motivational objectives: To motivate cancer survivors to share their stories that can inspire. To motivate cancer patients to not give up just yet. That there is still hope to conquer their cancer ,because many have done it before them.

Step three: Target audience

Primary: Cancer patients

Secondary: Caregivers or people that offer help to those affected

Special: CANSA Global Heros of Hope

Step four: Message

Share your story to inspire others.

Step five: Activities


Wooden tower building 19/08/2019 9am-11am Glenwood High School hall Cancer patients Inviting CANSA Global heroes to speak to cancer patients ,while they build. To entertain and teach cancer patients about to fight cancer.

Craft making 19/08/2019 11am-12am Glenwood High School hall Cancer patients Inviting CANSA Global heroes to speak to cancer patients ,while they craft. To entertain and teach cancer patients about to fight cancer.

5km run 19/08/2019 7am-9am Glenwood High School field Cancer survivors and public Everyone pays a fee to run in support of CANSA. To get active for CANSA.

Step six: Budget

Salaries and other employee costs:

-Security salary (10X200)

-Tuckshop staff (2X500)

-Temp staff (50X100)

-Special guests (2X1000)




R2000 R10 000

Travel and personal expenses:

-Air travel(return ticket for 2 guests)

-Other travel (Uber from airport and back again)

-Meal for guests



R500 R5 500

Office supplies and services:

-Stationery and office supplies

-Creating Cuppa for CANSA posters (20X50)




R500 R1 700

Marketing communication:


R1 500 R1 500


Wooden tower building:

-wooden blocks (50X50)

Craft making:




5 Km run:

-start gun

-water sachets

-medical team of paramedics (10X1000)

R2 500






R10 000 R16 350


Add 10% contingency


R3 505

R38 555

Step seven: Evaluation

Overall the event was successful as most people did participate however I’d change a few things.

Advertise the event earlier. So that people are aware of the event in advance. In this way more people can come at my next event.

As well as having more sponsors next time ,so that the costs to create the next Cuppa for CANSA are cheaper.

c)How I will measure success of my event:

According to Cooper (2018), Event planning and event strategy define the event success rate and help organizers plan for an incredible event experience for the attendees.

By tracking social media activity:

Every person in todays society is very social. So social media activity is the utmost crucial factor that helps in measuring the success of an event. Everything from the number of retweets, likes, comments and shares can easily contribute to the engagement rate. With these statistics one can also measure what people liked the most from the Cuppa for CANSA event.

Conducting attendee feedback and surveys:

Cooper (2018) states that, “Genuine feedback from the event attendees helps in understanding their event experience better. And therefore, helps in measuring the event success. Its also been evaluated that questions which are direct and have options where the attendees have to score on a scale from 1 to 10 have been very helpful in measuring the success rate”.

Keeping a track of check-ins:

One of the easiest ways of checking whether your event was successful or not is to count how many people attended or showed up to your event. I can tally mark ,cross check the attendee data or count how much money you received and then divide it by the price I charged them to be at my Cuppa for CANSA. (Cooper 2018)


I conclude that anyone currently struggling with cancer or has ever overcome cancer should attend Cuppa for CANSA events. They can both exchange information, as the cancer survivors can be able to give hope and tips on how to fight cancer. If you plan your Cuppa for CANSA accordingly. Your PR program should go smoothly ,and allowing your Cuppa for CANSA to be successful. Without planning though ,it will be very hard to determine the success of your event. With planning however ,you can easily measure the success of your event. As planning is the basic foundation of every successful event.


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