Public Relation Core Values Essay

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has extremely important core ethical values that include advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty, and fairness. All of which will help further a public relations practitioner in their career. Every practitioner handles every job differently, in a way thats going to benefit both the company they are working for as well as the public.

Honesty should be the most important core value for every practitioner. Not only should it be the most important core value in the work field, it should also be the most important core value in everyones life as well.

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Public Relation Core Values Essay
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On the other hand, practitioners tend to ignore their core values while working. One of the biggest values they tend to ignore or overlook is fairness.

Mark Twain once said, “Honesty is the best policy; when there is money in it. This quote should be every public relations practitioner motto because being honest will always lead you to conducting better business with clients.

Clients want honest individuals working for them because the company expects the practitioner to represent the company in a way thats going to gain the publics trust. When the public has your trust, they are going to shop at your company rather than one who puts out false advertisement and has a poor look in the publics eyes.

Not only does the quotes speak for itself, but honesty is simply the best way to conduct business. Some practitioners try their hardest to provide equally fair service to every client. Fairness is a core value that all practitioners respect but is hard to do at times. When dealing with clients, employers, peers,vendors, competitors, and most important the public, its hard to keep everyone happy. Lets say a practitioner is dealing directly with a company for the release of a new product.

The company producing the item may not want competitors knowing about it so they can keep the technological edge on its competitors but also at the same time they want the public to hear about what’s new. Since they manage what information the public hears, its essential what they say. No matter what they say or don’t say, someones always going to want more. With that being said, someone’s not going to be happy. Life in general isn’t always fair, so when faced with a situation that can cause grey areas with others, do what you ethically think is the right thing.

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