Public Ethic Corporations

Please open the attachment and see the full information you need before starting working on the assignments. Make sure to include biblical verses and citation references


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Public Ethic Corporations
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The student will write a minimum 800-word research paper using current APA formatting guidelines that examine one of the major topics in the course in light of the Bible. The focus of this paper will be to bridge the gap between Christianity and theory.


Integration of Faith and Learning Paper Instructions

Business ethics is defined as the set of moral rules that govern how businesses operate, how business decisions are made, and how people are treated. Unfortunately, some companies violate these basic principles. More often than not, ethical violations happen because a company does not have a clearly defined code of ethics and/or the code is not an integral part of the corporate culture.

Public Ethic Corporations 1

Find and research an example of a pthat acted unethically. You will write a 1000-word paper based on this research. In the first half of your paper, describe the breach of ethics committed by the company. In the second half of your paper, assume that you were the CEO, CFO, or CMO (depending on where in the company the breach occurred) of the business. How would you have used the Bible to create a corporate code of ethics that would have prevented the breach described in the first half of your paper?

In the first half of your paper you must cite at least 3 scholarly sources (in addition to your textbook) and in the second half you must include at least 3 Bible verses. Your paper must be formatted, and your sources must be cited, in according to all current APA guidelines.

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