Proposals that Businesses and organizations need

The two most important issues in any proposal, therefore, are audience and purpose. You should identify the audience need first: who is going to read and evaluate the proposal? What are their assumptions and expectations? If you are writing in response to an RFP, it is easier to identify their goals and expectations by reading the RFP carefully. Next, consider what do you want to achieve with this proposal? What is the best way to achieve it?


Proposals also fall into two broad categories in terms of their nature: business (or sales) proposals and charity proposals. Smart use of rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos), appropriate design, and precise language are a must in any good proposal. Businesses and organizations need to write and update their plans as they allocate and/or prioritize resources for various activities to meet their goals. DUE 48 HOURS-Major Components of a Proposal:-Cover Page-Executive Summary-Purpose (why you are writing the proposal)-Current Situation/Problem-Specific Objectives-Solutions and Deliverables overview (describing the items and services that will be provided)

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Proposals that Businesses and organizations need
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-Timeline-BudgetAssignment Description:For this assignment, you will write either a business proposal or a grant proposal for a needy charity of your choosing.  4 pages of text (about 2,000 words)  excluding front matter (cover page, executive summary) and bibliography; single-spaced, standard font (Times New Roman, 12 point font-size); concise, edited prose; four credible sources one of which must be scholarly (properly cited and documented using APA or MLA). Use sources strategically (to highlight the gravity/scope of the problem/solution, justification of the solution proposed, analysis of the issue, current situation and/or needs, etc. as appropriate).

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