Procrastination Abstract Essay

Studies show that most students are academic procrastinators, they tend to wait for the last moment before submitting or finishing their school related tasks.  Analysts divided these students into two groups, the positive procrastinators and the negative procrastinators.  Positive procrastinators are those students who wait for the last moment to submit a work because they feel that the pressure of waiting for the last minute to do their work gives brings them enjoyment and makes them more productive, while negative procrastinators wait for the last minute because they are lazy or they lack the motivation.

Contemporary analysts believe that most students belong to the latter.

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Procrastination Abstract Essay
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            The position of modern day behavioral analysts is erroneous.  Positive procrastination among students is the norm not the exception. Contrary to the common notion that negative procrastination is prevalent among the student population, the truth of the matter is that students are more prone to positive procrastination.  Procrastination among students is more attributed to their belief that they perform better under pressure rather than their laziness or lack of focus.

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