Problem Solving Activities.


Problem Solving Activities.


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I will design a men’s running shoe called Suepra.  It is well fitting, flexible, stable, cushioned and breathable shoe. It fits like a sock and gives room for your feet while running. It has an excellent cushioning that absorbs impacts from your feet and joints, and the font can flex and allows the runner push off with the ball of the foot. It controls motion at the ankle, and it feels very comfortable while running (Hamill, Russell, Gruber & Miller, 2011).  The shoe can absorb sweat from the feet, keep if cooler, and reduce fungal and bacterial infection. It’s a perfect shoe with all the qualities you need! I will design a horse model car. Top speed(410km/h), unique design (animal print), easy to handle, powerful engine (1100 horsepower), affordable price ($ 1 million), and breaks the speed limit at first gear! Buy it, and you will never give your keys to anyone! I will design a CD-RW (Compact disc-rewritable) 0.1 inches thick and 3.15 inches’ diameter with a storage of 0ne gigabyte. I will make a legible (easy to read), simple (easy to understand), enough coverage (not full or too little coverage regarding colors), professional (a professional printing), unique design (appealing to the audience) business card. I will make around, marquise-shaped diamond ring. It is colorless with a blue crystal at the center, karat weight, and of affordable price. It will be used as an engagement ring. Buy it, and people will think you spend trillions on it. It lasts forever! company is located in India. It provides business leading business to business(B2B) call center and business to customer (B2C) call center services. It deals with Global industries and organizations in the world, e-commerce companies, small and medium boutique companies, and Fortune 500 brands. The United States can use this company for outsourcing data entry services and inbound call center services. It is a business process outsourcing pioneer in India.

Walmart China differs from the local Walmart because its primary focus is to provide customer requirements and corporate responsibility, has a private brand that is quality guaranteed, while a local Walmart is focused on prices and shipping of goods (Marsh, 2014). It does not care about the customer requirements and responsibilities. Their products also differ, local Walmart provides clothes while Walmart China provides health services to its clients.

Costco is a large retail business that sells products to customers at relatively low prices. It is a business to customer (B2C) business model (Marsh, 2014). It sells products to its customers directly. Its main competitors are Amazon, Walmart, and e-commerce companies. Its competitive strategy is that it offers little prices, and pays for executive membership when a client joins. It keeps its customers and offers future promises and savings.

The competitive advantage that Dell has over its competitors is that it is very competent in executing its global strategy (Marsh, 2014). Its main competitors are Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard. It is a business to business (B2B) business model. It supplies electronics and computers to other companies and equipment sectors.

Xerox may not be able to survive. It is experiencing business pressures mainly on products and price from foreign companies and the investment climate. This competition was so severe such that revenues and earnings became so hard (Marsh, 2014). Its response strategy was weak. It neglected its customers and only negotiated prices after the contract was lost. The poor Xerox response lead to loss of trust and confidence by its clients.



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