Problem Faced By Human Resource Manager in A Business

Al Samail Trading & Contracting is in the business of selling ceramic tiles and bathroom fittings in the Al Batinah area. It has been facing high attrition in its sales department as the civil construction sector is doing very well and there is a demand for experienced sales staff with a proven track record in the local market. Recently company lost its Asst Manager to a competitor and was forced to make an attractive offer to Mohammed Al Amri who has been a top performer at Al Nasr Ceramic Tiles. However, the compensation offered to Mohammed is 20% higher (otherwise, Mohammed would not take the offer) than Imad Al Balushi- Manager Sales who looks after Dhofar region. Imad has been with the company for the last 7 years and has been a good performer.

Problem Faced By Human Resource Manager in A Business 1

Based on the above case-let, answer the following:

  1. a)  Discuss the HR problem faced by Al Samail Trading & Contracting? (10 marks)
  2. b)  Elaborate on any 2 causes of the HR problem identified by you? (10 marks)
  3. c)  Discuss 2 solutions you would suggest to avoid the situation. (10 marks)
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