Privacy is a right all people have free from being watched and Essay

Privacy is a right all people have, free from being watched and observed or even disturbed by other people. Privacy allows us to do as we wish, to withhold information or talk about certain things that no one needs to know besides those who are included. However, the NSA decided to ignore our privacy rights too, invade our minds and thoughts without our consent. The fourth amendment states The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

That means the NSA has no right or warrant to look into your private information. On the other hand, the NSA still violated the fourth amendment, and I believe what they did and have done is unconventional and unconstitutional.

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Privacy is a right all people have free from being watched and Essay
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The NSA has been spying on us since 2001. The reason the NSA was spying on us in the first place was to prevent another tragic event like that reoccur. Thinking about another dreadful circumstance is a scary thing for the majority of people; Of course, nobody wants to see another traumatic incident where thousands of people died again, but to have information on millions of regular people’s daily life is just wrong. The fact that they can hear what you are going to do next or even see what you’re going to do is disturbing. Guardian states in 2014 the NSA had over 534 million records of our emails, phone calls, messages. The average person spends sending about 94 messages a day; I’m sure you can imagine how many people were being spied on in order to get 534 million. The naked truth is that The NSA has 534 million records of phone calls and messages. That means that they were on looking into hundreds of millions of people, many sources believe that the NSA themselves do not even know how many people they were spying on. BBC news claims the NSA had been monitoring the phone of 35 world leaders. Which from our world leader of the 35 was being spied on and for what? Did these 35 world leaders do something illegal that we, the people, don’t know about? The bottom line is, what is worth to be observed to the point where the NSA has our world leaders under surveillance, doubtless it would be serious, can we not even trust our world leaders? The NSA has a right to retrieve information from any company they wish for but only if the company desires to do so if that’s the case they have to go to court. In the law and by the law, phone companies are to report to the NSA all phone calls, messages, emails, etc. they have to do so, not only because they are required by law, but companies that are privately owned by an individual and not government owned. The reason is due to help the NSA when it comes to tracking or finding people, it would help a lot since most people don’t read the policy agreement. The NSA is not the only one observing you. When you download an app, you are issued a policy agreement. People look into the policy agreement but they don’t necessarily read it, so people willingly click agree without realizing what they are really agreeing to. The way this helps the NSA is when you click agree, the app from the company you said yes to, you agree to abide by letting the company use your information but to keep your information private. That would be the year you were born, age, name, city, country, phone number and email. I like to ask myself what does the NSA do with our information since they get it from companies we, the people, use products from. Where does the information go or who does it go to?We know little about what uses the NSA makes of most information available to it”it claims to have exposed a number of terrorist plots”and it has yet to be shown what effects its activities may have on the lives of most American citizens. Congressional committees and a special federal court are charged with overseeing its work, although they are committed to secrecy, and the court can hear appeals only. According to Snowden, Microsoft gave access to the NSA to look at peoples emails. Guardian said, Microsoft had a back door to an app called Outlook, people’s privacy was violated and of course they had no idea. Bestowed by Foreign Policy magazine stated, Yahoo created a custom coded Scanner to read people’s emails. The way it works is, it would filter the user’s name but they could read every message being sent and received. You could say if they filter out the users then what’s the problem? The problem is it doesn’t matter if they filter the user because they have an I.P address they can find. Every technical device has an I.P address. Last time I personally checked, that was not the purpose of the NSA. The NSA’s job is to protect our privacy, not to invade it. The job of the NSA is to be heroes who look out for hackers, trying to stop them from getting into our information, not a Rambunctious father trying to go through our phone. In addition, there is still a question that the majority of people need to answer. Do people want to be watched like some animal? Would you give up your privacy to have full protection and justice, but at the price of your privacy? I personally would not, The NSA lies to people they seem to adapt George Orwell’s doublethink to be conscious of complete truthfulness, he wrote, while telling carefully constructed lies. For example, James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, was asked at a Senate hearing in March whether the NSA collects any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans. Clapper’s answer: No, sir. Not wittingly. The director of the NSA during the incident lied, why would the next one do the same. Snowden the whistleBlower unclothe the NSA for who they really are. So tell me, would you still support the NSA? Would you argue against my stance and if so why? My stance should the NSA be shut down for what they have done? For invading our privacy, spying, and having us under surveillance. The NSA has taken away people’s freedom by observing everyone’s actions in the United States. NSA has made people anxious and paranoid knowing they can see what actions citizens take. The government has no shame considering they’ve spent millions of dollars to ignore the fourth amendment. The irony of this is they still cannot forestall the crime rate so why spend so much money on what does not work. The NSA should be shut down by the government. Citizen’s privacy had been violated, NSA is ineffective in protecting our country. The reality is one man was able to get into the metadata and expose them that one man is Snowden Edward. As of now, March 4, 2019, the NSA is shutting down its phone logging. New York Times stated, analyzing logs of Americans domestic calls, and text, according to a senior Republican congressional aide, halting a program that has touched off disputes about privacy and the rule of law since the September 11th attack. The point of the NSA is to stopping any conspirators from al-Queda. Then switch secretly spying on people until Snowden joins the organization. Citizens can’t blame the government for shutting down the program after what they’ve done. The NSA used the reasoning to stop a territories attack from happening. People see their reasoning as an excuse to spy on us, that’s child’s play. Denying what they have done. It comes down to a parent and child argument. The parent, otherwise the citizens, trying to make the child (NSA) prosper up from their wrongdoing. All in all, the NSA should be shut down. They have violated our fourth amendment. They took away our freedom as we are just some zoo animals being monitored. They have also used excuses to wrong us in many ways. An example, logging into our accounts, making copies of what we say and do. The NSA sees us as the child thinking we are speechless and silent.

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