Pricing Strategy

Discussion Overview

Pricing is considered one of the most challenging elements of the marketing mix. Nevertheless, it is also the most flexible elements of the marketing mix. There are many effective strategies marketers can use to increase revenue and profits.

Topic: Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy 1

  • ASG wants to launch gloves with warming sensors for the current target markets. Do some research on the Internet regarding competition in the market for these gloves.
  • How will you address the stages of the consumer adoption process on p. 454?
  • Using your competitive pricing from the text in Chapter 16, decide on a competitive price for ASG’s product solely based on the competition and quality of the ASG product.
  • What, if any, discounts should the company provide in order to induce initial sales of the product?
  • What other channel alternatives for these gloves should ASG consider, based on Chapter 17? Explain.
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