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Prepare a brief presentation of your proposal to your target audience (company CEO, grants/foundation/institute directors, board members, etc.). You have worked on the Proposal Below in the Files and now is the time to highlight some of the key ideas/parts of that project into a presentation format. In other words, it’s like translating a formal proposal into a brief presentation to win the approval of the target audience in under five minutes. Feel free to use Google presentation, MS PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi to create your presentation and upload the file here (in original format or as a PDF).

Presentation (Proposal Re-Mediation) Assignment | Homework Help Websites 1

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Presentation (Proposal Re-Mediation) Assignment | Homework Help Websites
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–  Requirements: Use 5 slides with only brief but powerful text and visuals to tell a compelling story of your proposal. Imagine that you are sending this to your audience who has to make a decision in 5 minutes, so be very strategic. Keep in mind that the audience is too busy and might not pursue your proposal if you include information not directly relevant to your case and not be persuaded at all if you leave out elements that would make your case compelling and/or complete.

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