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Part 1: Your Presentation

Your task is to create a 5 minute presentation supported by PowerPoint slides. Imagine you are the general manager of a grocery or clothing store and you are going to conduct a team meeting to teach your staff about a new policy or procedure. Select one of the following topics for your presentation:

  • a new loss prevention policy
  • a new promotional strategy
  • a new cash handling policy

If you wish do present on a different topic you must first get permission from your instructor.

Your PowerPoint presentation should have a minimum of 4 slides: a title page, content slides, and conclusion. You will upload your presentation video to the discussion board. In this video you will record your slides and even yourself, talking through your presentation.

Part 2: Peer Feedback

Choose at least two of your classmates’ presentations to review. You will review both their slides and their text. You will write feedback (minimum 150 words) for each classmate based on the following questions:

  • Does the speaker read each slide verbatim or include additional information than the content on the slides?
  • Do they have the minimum number of required slides?
  • Is there presentation the required length? (5 minutes +/− 30 seconds)?
  • How is the speakers volume, speed of speech, and clarity?
  • What is successful or unsuccessful about layout and look of the slides?
  • Are there any grammatical or spelling errors in the slides?

Grading Rubric

Criteria Not Evident Developing Exemplary Points     Submit your slide deck  0 pts
No slide deck submitted  5 pts
Slide deck does not have at least 4 slides  10 pts
Slide deck has at least 4 slides focused on a central theme 10 pts   Present within the allotted time  0 pts
No presentation completed
5 pts
Presentation is either 30 second under or over 5 minutes
10 pts
Presentation is within 30 seconds of the required 5-minute length
10 pts   Speak with appropriate volume, speed, and clarity  0 pts
No presentation completed
5 pts
Presentation cannot be heard, is too fast or too slow, or cannot be understood
10 pts
Presentation is spoken at an adequate volume, speed, and clarity
10 pts   Present your slides effectively  0 pts
No presentation completed
5 pts
Presentation is disjointed, unprofessional, or too reliant on slide deck text
10 pts
Presentation is professional and feels cohesive
10 pts   Analyze at least two peers’ presentations  0 pts
No response to peers  5 pts
Responded to only one peer  10 pts
Responded to two peers 10 pts      Total: 50 pts

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