Presentation Ansognosia Essay

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(Wait for the cartoon character to appear)

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My job  is to speak on the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation  and the pognosis of Anosognosia.

Questionnaires and diagnostic methods insuffiecient

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 Let us talk about the assessment of insight and awareness.

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 Assessment is a problem as results depend on what the patients says. There is no yardstick by which the doctor can assess.

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I have displayed a few assessment techniques that are practised even though the system may not lead to perfect conclusions.


            The patient himself can give you certain details voluntarily. You may have to select the information that is relevant to diagnosis of anosognosia or neglect. The primary condition that accompanies the anosgnosia must be assessed too. i.e.  hemiplegia, hemiparesis, schizophrenia , Alzheimer’sDisease etc. By the time the patient comes to you, there is a chance that some other doctors may have seen and diagnosed the condition. You may have to just confirm.

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            You may have to ask leading questions.

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