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Good morning young moms and dads, or soon-to be moms and dads,


My name is Stefany, I am a developmental psychologist, and is currently working on as a personal psychologist specializing in children’s development.

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present Essay
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Stating topic

I am really grateful for being able to stand here and share something to you all, and in this moment, I would like to invite you all to think together with me: what is the best color for apple? You may hold on a little bit on what are on your mind right now, because that’s what’s going to be our topic today.

Stating purpose

I hope that after this session today, every single one of you would have a more open mind to decide better what suits your children best, in this case, about methods of learning.

Getting the attention

Well, when we were in the kindergarten and were asked to draw a scenery, most of us, would likely draw two mountains, a sun in the middle, ricefields, and maybe details like clouds or birds on the sky.

This same case would happen on coloring apples. Most of us would likely color it red. Have you ever wondered how could it be that all these many head, different brains, different thinkings, would have the same picture on mind about scenery? And also about color of things, even when we have never seen it before.

How long

I will be talking for more or less ten minutes,


You are allowed to take pictures or note if you like to, and there will be some questionaries given in the end of session. So, let’s get started.


Stating how many points

Our topic today consists of three main points

Mentioning the points

At the first place I will be talking about the different between teaching kids about nature and teaching them about creativity. The second one I will be telling you how kids are blessed with amazing sense of creativity. And last but not least, I will be telling you that it is our mind that needs a change.

Elaborate each points

So, First thing first, teaching kids about nature is not the same with teaching them about creativity.

When we teach about color, we must help ur kids learn that color has no shape. The understanding of what this thing is not greatly helpful in forming a concept. When you show a kid an apple and say the color is green, it is possible for the kid to remember the shape of the apple and think this is the meaning of green. You must also show an apple that is not green.

Children are blessed with amazing sense of imagination and creativity.

Imagination is creativity in action. It allows us to explore beyond the constraints of our environment and our reality, into a world of dreams, where creativity and invention are at their strongest. Imagination and play have been shown to increase brain development and growth in children. Telling any child that their work is “wrong” in any way will be a blow to their self-confidence and will have a detrimental effect on their development in that field.

By the time they get to be adults, most kidshave lost that capacity.Why not we just let them unleash their creativity on a piece of paper and enjoy as much as they did while making it? Honestly, the earth will not explode if a kid colors an apple purple. Let kids experiment with art and different ideas. Cause who are the successful people? Those who dare to dream and seek different path. Yu never know if you are teaching the next Da Vinci.

It is out mind that need a change.

Instead of blaming our kids for coloring an apple purple, it would be better to spend time to find out why they do that. It could be our lacking knowledge of what they have seen, or as simple as using their favorite color, or it could be even more serious problem like colorblind. Remember that telling a child that his drawing is a mistake would just make him frightened of being wrong and killing his potential of expressing creativity and innovation.

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