Prepositional Phrases Essay

Once, there was a little girl named Matilda. Her father worked for an organization concerned with the health of the people, so Matilda was used to traveling all across the city, and all over the world. At age seven, she demonstrated the abilities of an eighteen year old. Being exposed to the kind of work his father had, Matilda had always been filled with concern for those in need.

            As Matilda was walking home, she was interrupted by a citizen, who looked familiar to her.

She realized that it was her old neighbor, Mrs. Paterson, who left their street three years ago. Matilda remembered her to be a very pretty lady who loved to help other people. Her family was rich, but she opted to live a very simple lifestyle. Unlike before, Mrs. Paterson looked different—her clothes were shabby, her hair was chaotic, and her beautiful face was covered with dirt.

Matilda was surprised with what she had seen, and asked Mrs.

Paterson about it. Soon, Matilda learned that Mrs. Paterson’s husband had a gambling problem, causing them to lose all of their wealth. Mrs. Paterson broke into tears telling her that their only daughter, Morgan, who was only three years old, was diagnosed with a rare liver disease that could actually take her life. She had to undergo a new treatment and surgery that was costly for her parents.

            Without hesitation, Matilda volunteered to help in order to give Morgan the treatment she needed. She had flyers distributed and posted around the park, and in the different areas in the city. Matilda was very much determined, with her friends doing much of the postings. Unsatisfied with the results, Matilda wrote to the mayor of their city to ask for assistance. The mayor was touched with Matilda’s kindness, and her story was known by everyone. It was even published in the newspaper, drawing much attention from the whole world.

            In the end, Matilda was able to raise money for Morgan’s sensitive operation that practically saved her life. Mr. & Mrs. Paterson were able to start anew with the money that Matilda had given them. Matilda, on the other hand, was filled with happiness and content for the good deed that she has done. The mayor, and the town, were deeply affected with the kindness that the little girl offered, giving Matilda her own “Matilda Day”, falling on her birthday. All is well.

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