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“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity it is an act of justice” Most of developed countries have these enormous crises , which affect people in a negative ways . Poverty create enormous number of negative outcomes as unhealthy life , unstable life, homeless and even sometimes they live without a source of food !!. Can you live only one day without having any meal ?! actually people in some regions having a harsh and very tough life , the only thing that they think about it is just to get only one meal per day by getting that they will be satisfied and happy.

I see it is a normal thing for any human being . According to the article entitled “The solution to poverty is opportunity , not charity “by Brittany Hunter that is published on July 19 , 2018 . In this article the author tackled an important issue that a lot of people are suffering from it . He claimed that giving money and do charities is not the solution , but providing opportunities can be one of the solutions.

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poverty Essay
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In my opinion and to what I believe that solving the problems of poverty is not concerning only on money but there are several variables .

Referring to Maslow’s hierarchy needs , Abraham Maslow stated several needs for any normal human being the most important one is the basic needs which are food , shelter, and beverages . With great regret , poor people don’t have this basic needs . Before reading the article I noticed that poverty can be a cause to lack of education and job chances , so making charity and giving them money are like giving them an aspirin . I totally agree with Brittany Hunter he also gave an inspiring example that there was a woman in Senegal made a start up by opening a business in such country that suffering from poverty , she obviously helped in changing the lives of others in an amazing way . In addition to , As in the article “Poverty linked to a lack of education” the author highlighted that there is a positive relation between education and poverty if the person got a good education as a result he will be qualified to have a proper job , so he can get money from it and also he mentioned that the people of south Africa are poor because they are uneducated . According to the article “lack of education is the root of poverty” the author “Bryan Hickman claimed that “If you can’t read or do basic math, if you can’t show up for work and apply yourself, you will not have a job. You will be poor”.

Moving to the end of the article I can totally relate what the author is talking about. Its clear as water that places which have literacy and unemployment without thinking must face poverty . Egypt is not considered as the most poorest country in whole Africa , but it is also one of them this why because our country doesn’t look after science . People here in Egypt can be classified into 3 classes A,B,and C the dominant class is the C class , the class that its people cannot read or write . I was a volunteer in a charity organization , we helped a lot of people in poor places here in Egypt by giving them food and this stuff especially in Ramdan , after that I knew a boy called Ahmed he was like 14 or 15 years old .Actually this boy represent to me an example to the rest of the boys , in his age as they have the same conditions of living and almost in the same age. What especial about Ahmed that he wanted to be someone unique , not like his friends , relatives or even his parents , inappropriately his parents couldn’t afford him the money so he could go to the school and learn , but the good and the bright thing about this , that Ahmed was a stubborn boy who has a goal and making the best that he could to achieve it . while we were distributing the food he asked us if we could lend him books to start to learn we were surprised and extremely happy . Ahmed has been a case study , one of us volunteered to help him to know how to read and to write and to pay his school fees . After a while he became more aware and his mind set had completely changed he read a lot of books. The best thing of his story that while he was studying he tried to sell some stuff to the people so he can gain money , which he saved it and applied by this amount of money to the university . I suppose that Ahmed’s life now are much better than before he defeated ignorance and illiteracy by entering the university and graduated from it with a high degree . Ahmed get a good chance to be employed and to have stable financial source . Moreover , what I learned from this inspiring story , that I could volunteer to help people to read , to write , and to aware them that without education it will be hard to them to find a good job chances . Also the outcome of this story that when someone has a goal he will do the best to achieve it even if he doesn’t have the key.

To sum up , poverty cannot be ended up by just giving money but it must be a very good plan to do this by putting in our consideration the factors leading to this problem . I admit that the government has a big role on ending this up by affording to these people education with acceptable content and job opportunities . Education leads to have a good job chance which leads to gain money and to have satisfying life

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