postcolonialism Essay

Post-colonialism draws its key ideals and concepts in the development of the anti-colonial struggle. Colonialism can be described as the process of settlement by Europeans in Asian, African and South American territories. It is known for finding its climatic moments in eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It was used as an exploitative mechanism that exploits the economic resources, the use of native people, the conquest of territory and market included diverse class, race, colonizers and the natives. Thus post colonialism is a way of depicting of social and cultural situations of the colonial power.

In her Postcolonial text Maya Angelou explores the journey towards fighting for one’s freedom and the struggle before being able to become a free spirit who isn’t syndicated to the will and value of society . Her biography explores the marginalised / segregated experiences of the non-western individuals {ethnic minorities}. Her book showcases the significance in which imperialism and colonial superiority had created. As well as the gateway it might have created for ethnic minorities.

Maya Angelou in her quintessential text which showcases the grieve and trauma that she incurred in her turbulent and tumultuous up to the age of seventeen, the story entails the reminiscence of Angelou’s rocky yet very intriguing life as a child raised in a neighbourhood that bred hatred, unforgiving hearts and the voiceless. She is able to incorporate a loss of identity and freedom, she does this when she reminisces the journey of her life when she moved from south to California, ‘‘we have arrived in this musty town wearing tags on our wrist’’, she portrays her arrival on the opposite side of town to be disheartening, as well as this she creates her life to be a stage where the author[society], declares her life to be that of a caged animal, who seeks freedom, in search for nurture in a failing society, as well as the entrapment of hopes and success of finding a replacement of the lives they once lived in south, as well as of living with a mother figure. This creates a sense of pity for Angelou and her brother as her fate throughout the novel is surrounded by the fallacy and fabrication of motherly love and deprivation. This brings about the momentum of slavery in which slave traders would ship slaves miles away from home, to a land of hate, possession, obsession and ownership, as well as the greed for full control, where the slaves would someday hope that they would be freed from the restriction of life the ‘‘superior race’’ had created, and the deception the superior raced as created on the basis of an ‘‘inferior race’’ skin tone and the kinkiness of their hair, whilst also having to deal with the disregard of darker skin town of the same races of whilst teaching themselves acceptance not there is no sense of fairness in society, in all fighting on how to cope with the rejection faced within the black race itself .

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