Portfolio of Planning

This task requires an in-depth understanding of the curriculum requirements for one of your your teaching areas in Years 7 – 10 and to apply this to short term (lesson plans) and long term (unit of work) planning processes and associated resources. You will also be required to justify the decisions you made in the construction of the unit of work, lesson plans and chosen resources.
Your response to this task should include:
Part A: Introduction (250 words maximum)
Identify the:
• Year Level
• Curriculum Learning Area
• Any key issues and considerations when designing units of work for this subject you may be aware of
Part B: Design a Unit of Work
You are to develop an original teaching unit for use in one of your teaching areas for a Year 7, 8, 9 or 10 class based on the relevant curriculum framework.
The unit length should be no shorter than 5 weeks and no longer than 10 weeks.
Units may be structured in different ways according to the requirements of individual schools or schooling authorities. For this task you must use the template available through the link on your moodle site that has been scaffolded within this course.
Your moodle site also contains further instructions and sample units of work.
Part C: Design of sample Lesson Plans
Your task is to submit two consecutive (back-to-back) lesson plans you have designed that are part of the Unit of Work designed for Part B.
You need to consider submitting two contrasting lesson plans that include a range of strategies that show your ability to plan using effective design principles and engage learners in the learning process.
You must submit any resources needed to implement these two lesson plans including any handouts, worksheets etc.
For this task you must use the template provided on the moodle site for this course.
Each lesson should be no longer than 60 minutes in length.
Part D: Justification of Planning Choices (1000 word maximum)
Justify the decisions made in preparing the sample unit of work, lessons and resources.
Consider how you have aligned curriculum and pedagogy to:
• incorporate activities that are student centred;
• provide details of how you explained tasks/activities to learners;
• use a range of strategies and approaches to learning and engagement; and,
• link to the relevant curriculum framework.

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Portfolio of Planning
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