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Popular Culture Today
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In the context of our lectures, podcasts, and readings…

What is a trend in popular culture today that incorporates an element of design that we have previously discussed? Some examples to use as a framework for your thesis statement may include: the use of high-quality materials to elevate the everyday object, the master/apprentice model, the decoration is second to form, the form is dictated by function and the materials used, consideration for total design, etc…

Popular Culture Today 1

Think Pieces

For these two in-class essay responses, you will be asked to relate the current lecture topic to an aspect of contemporary culture. You will be given the questions bePopular Culture Todayforehand, but will be composing your essay in class without any reference materials. These essay questions will give you an opportunity to analyze the course materials from a thematic angle that is of special interest to you, and consider their implications for other areas of contemporary life. Your Think Piece responses should be 3-4 full paragraphs in length.


The grading of these Think Pieces is based on the overall quality of your writing, and the following four criteria:

1) Does your answer specifically address the question?

2) Is your answer at least 3 paragraphs long?

3) Does your answer demonstrate an understanding of the topic?

4) Does your answer consider the question seriously and in depth?


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