political philosophy, globalization and sustainability

Rio +20: an achievement that deserves the world’s attention?!!
Brazils’ “Hunger Zero” program has been astonishingly successful in tackling poverty and hunger
in its own back-yard. It has helped lift 28m people out of poverty in a country of 192m (15%), cut
child malnutrition by 61% and boost the average family farm income by 33% against an average
overall rise of just 13%. It has done this largely by supporting local farmers and locally-sourced
consumption through giving them, among other things, an eight-fold increase in credit. In addition
social policies like an increased minimum wage and the ‘Bolsa Família’ cash support from
government to poor families have been implemented. In 2010 the Constitution was amended to
include the right to food and nutritional security. The state became the catalyst for Brazil’s food
production, consumption and distribution.!
At the same time Brazil has been equally successful in selling more and more of its food. Brazil is
on course to become the world’s biggest food exporter. This industry is driven by an ultra competitive……………

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