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Project Initiation Document (PID)–



e –commerce is increasing day by day to provide small platform for ladies who are not go outside and have some problem and want some beauty services they can easily download app and get services according to their requirement

Table of Contents

TOC o “1-3” h z u 1Project Definition PAGEREF _Toc502484529 h 41.1Background PAGEREF _Toc502484530 h 41.2Project Objectives PAGEREF _Toc502484531 h 41.3Desired Outcomes PAGEREF _Toc502484532 h 41.4Project Scope and Exclusions PAGEREF _Toc502484533 h 41.

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pme project Essay
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5Constraints and Assumptions PAGEREF _Toc502484534 h 42Business Case PAGEREF _Toc502484537 h 43Project Product Description PAGEREF _Toc502484538 h 43.1Project Output PAGEREF _Toc502484539 h 53.3Quality Expectations PAGEREF _Toc502484541 h 53.4Acceptance Criteria and Acceptance Methods PAGEREF _Toc502484542 h 54Project Approach PAGEREF _Toc502484543 h 55Project Management Team Structure PAGEREF _Toc502484544 h 56Role Descriptions PAGEREF _Toc502484545 h 57Quality Management Approach PAGEREF _Toc502484546 h 58Change Control Approach PAGEREF _Toc502484547 h 59Risk Management Approach PAGEREF _Toc502484548 h 610Communication Management Approach PAGEREF _Toc502484549 h 611Project Plan PAGEREF _Toc502484550 h 611.

1Plan Description PAGEREF _Toc502484551 h 611.2Plan Prerequisites PAGEREF _Toc502484552 h 611.3External Dependencies PAGEREF _Toc502484553 h 611.4Planning Assumptions PAGEREF _Toc502484554 h 611.5Lessons Incorporated PAGEREF _Toc502484555 h 611.6Monitor and Control PAGEREF _Toc502484556 h 611.7Budgets PAGEREF _Toc502484557 h 611.8Tolerances PAGEREF _Toc502484558 h 611.9Product Descriptions PAGEREF _Toc502484559 h 611.10Schedule PAGEREF _Toc502484560 h 612Project Controls PAGEREF _Toc502484561 h 713Tailoring of PRINCE2 PAGEREF _Toc502484562 h 7


The project is for the girls and women who do not go out of home alone or have any reduce travelling stuck iin traffic and saves special problems.1.1 BACKGROUND:

To gather the all saloon at a single platform. now a days E.commerce is increasing every body want easiness for their need and work and it is is available for maximum 18 hrs.per day in the near area . you can easily call or text and service will be provided.the customer will search a saloon according to location .and get person nearer to home and save time .


The main objective is to gather all beauty saloons at a single place .time is used to cover is all most 1 year .cost will change by time may be increase may be decrease .risk may come like person who are coming to give you service may be in any trouble (accident , snacting etc).main goal is to give a service to you at your home this will time.1.3 DESIRED OUTCOMES:

This is very helpful for fro women .change is that people become easy they call or message and get service people saves their time 1.4PROJECT SCOPE AND EXCLUSIONS:

All product is mentioned or described by the person who is coimng to you .your suggestion are highly appriecited and also according to your needs and public demands.scope is the like by staying home or ladies who small kids and cant move outside or have any other problems they easily get services at home at when they required.1.4 CONSTRAINTS AND ASSUMPTIONS :The constraints and assumption for the project change time by time .due to some cause or during web app application maintaince web could not work .day by day change may occur .their is some limitation for the project .the that is defined for opening and closing .located saloon are only can be contacted . the people will contact to beauty saloon app with respect to customer required what is the request of customer ..then beauty saloon will contact the parlour for services.



Women who are at home can use app call or message the respective saloon and according to area the app beauty saloon accept the request of customer and contact to the that saloon of the required location


The app will tested more and more again the data should b secure . Available in a require time run at specified time.user friendly.


Project is to provide best service at home on time with more and required requirement


Team member Work

Planner Gather the all information from staker holder who want make an app

Developer Develop according to need

Coder Apply coding

Designer Design the app

Manager Manages the app work front and back end

Helper Help used according to time requiemen6 t


Successful projects are usually the result of careful planning and the talent and collaboration of a project’s team members. Projects can’t move forward without each of its key team members, but it’s not always clear who those members are, or what roles they play.


Develop a project plan

Manage deliverables according to the plan

project staffLead and manage the project team

Determine the methodology used on the project

a project schedule and determine each phaseAssign tasks to project team members

Provide regular updates to upper management


Project team members are the individuals who actively work on one or more phases of the project. They may be in-house staff or external consultants, working on the project on a full-time or part-time basis. Team member roles can vary according to each project.

Project team member duties may include:

Contributing to overall project objectives

Completing individual deliverable

Providing expertise

Working with users to establish and meet business needs

Documenting the process


The project sponsor is the driver and in-house champion of the project. They are typically members of senior management – those with a stake in the project’s outcome. Project sponsors work closely with the project manager. They legitimize the project’s objectives and participate in high-level project planning. In addition, they often help resolve conflicts and remove obstacles that occur throughout the project, and they sign off on approvals needed to advance each phase.

Project sponsor duties:

Make key business decisions for the project

Approve the project budget

Ensure availability of resources

Communicate the project’s goals througout the organization


No app owner would like something similar to happen to his product’s users. If they get offended at the very beginning, they’ll probably uninstall your app and won’t download it anymore, even if it is improved and updated.  HYPERLINK ” t “_blank” According to the study, the top reasons why people delete apps after installing are crashes or installation errors. This figure amounted to around 62%. So, don’t disappoint your users. You need to be sure that your product will work flawlessly. Otherwise, you can lose them. How to do that? For sure, you need to provide Quality Assurance from the very beginning of your app development. Even if your app is made by the most experienced developers, it also requires testing. Attention to details is what decides whether your product will work without any problems and whether users’ experience will be positive and pleasant.CHANGE CONTROL APPROACHProject products health and safety regulations must be adhered to in the salon to maintain high standards of practice, safety and protection of themselves and the client

Change Control Approach

Project products health and safety regulations must be adhered to in the salon to maintain high standards of practice, safety and protection of themselves and the client.

Risk Management Approach

A risk assessment must be carried out in a workplace at regular intervals. All staff and visitors to a salon have a right to be protected from harm. An examination of the work area is carried out on what might cause harm and a decision made on whether reasonable steps to prevent that harm are in place

• A hazard is anything that may cause harm and presents a risk to safety, such as: use of electricity, the trailing wires from hair dryers or beauty equipment, the use of chemicals, spilt products, e.g. shampoo or massage oil, lifting or moving heavy objects or working with hot equipment e.g. hair straighteners or a wax heater

• Risk is the likelihood that someone may be harmed by the identified hazard with an indication of the severity of harm that may be caused, such as: the hairdresser, beauty therapist or a client tripping over trailing wires, slipping on any spillage or be burnt from electrical appliances or wax.

Communication Management ApproachWhen someone want to know about any parlour information and intrusted to go their the project give all the information about the salon.

Project PlanTrend Setters is a full-service beauty salon dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price/value relationship. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.11.1 Plan DescriptionTo supply services and products that enhance our clients’ physical appearance and mental relaxation.Plan Prerequisites11.2 External DependenciesWe make this application for busy working women who wants to looking beautiful and relaxed but she has no time to update herself . we are able on the spot for your one call we give you the salon menu and which salon staff is available …11.3 Planning AssumptionsThe plan is based on the application which provides you the home salon facilities11.4 Lessons IncorporatedOne project is made in which all the tailors gather in the one app the customer give all the information about size and the dress was stitch by tailor as it is we want to make an application in which we gather all the salon informations and provide the customer service on the spot11.5 Monitor and ControlThe plan controlled by all the members who made this application and controlled what user need to know and what the salon service is available at that time 11.6 Budgetsif this application is developed the customer have multiple options to view and it is also a time saving and cost effective customer don’t need to go on transport and go to the salon for service .11.7 TolerancesAll people should be maintained at all times and all organizations should operate within policy guidelines.12 Product DescriptionsHandling, use and storage of products, materials, tools and equipment safely to meet with manufacturers’ instructions Schedule

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